How Gestalt and the Collective Uncouncious Makes Someone a Dumbass

Didn't vote for Obama

I was thinking today about the number of people who now consider President Obama to be a failure. Compare that with the increasing vociferousness of his strongest supporters. They are using arguments almost wholly tied up in racism because they are emotional arguments, don’t rely on proof and they tend to shut people up briefly.

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I believe that people act in predictable ways. Large groups of people act in very predictable ways. Because of that, you can fool some of the people all of the time. The marketing people behind the Obama campaign knew this as well. Create a narrative of your primary candidate as an underdog then make him inevitable during the general election. 76% of the public approved of him on Day 1. now, almost 70% don’t approve. The president hasn’t changed.

Presidential races aren’t mano-a-mano challenges where the better candidate wins. They are fights to make the public believe your story over someone else’s. John McCain was ready to challenge Hillary Clinton based on their records, their beliefs about government and their ability to make government better. The Obama campaign was ready to use public association of McCain with President Bush, covertly exploit his age and secretly attack his character.

Almost by accident, McCain stumbled upon the perfect weakness to such an orchestrated campaign. Sure, Sarah Palin was a woman and a conservative, but she has almost no sense of her own legacy. That’s a big deal, She doesn’t need to be liked. She either is or she isn’t. Being an unknown helped. It took days and weeks to push the weak “Sarah is dumb” meme. Palin responded by going after Onama’s soft underbelly, his domestic terrorist associations. If I did believe in conspiracies, I’d wonder why Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt shut her down after that. Instead, I simply know they are morons.

For those of us in the minority who know how terrible President Obama would be, nothing has changed. For the majority of the dumbasses in the population, Obama is now weak because everyone thinks he’s weak. That perception makes him weak because he’s not strong enough to counter it. People thought Sarah Palin was unelectable. Now she’s within 5 points of the president without even running yet. How quickly can the public’s opinion of her change? Why are people so surprised when it does?

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8 Responses to How Gestalt and the Collective Uncouncious Makes Someone a Dumbass

  1. Monster from the Id says:

    “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.”

    Haruhi be praised! Our camouflage is working! :mrgreen:

  2. ralphb says:

    Good post days! Schmidt and Wallace have to be the stupidest consultants in the history of politics, unless they were bought off.

  3. votermom says:

    Onama’s soft underbelly


    Great post!

  4. bevwky says:

    I don’t believe in conspiracy theories either, but it’s a total mystery to me how the heck McCain’s campaign could manage to come from behind like he did, figure out to pick Palin and THEN manage to bungle the rest of the campaign and HER like they did. One doesn’t have to believe in conspiracy theories to wonder WTH happened to their so-called competence?!?

    I also have no clue why people are surprised by what they’re seeing now, either. I remember quite vividly being on a completely non-political site’s message board during the 2008 campaign that had a political forum for discussing the “news of the day” and so many, left and right, were completely ga-ga over Obama. It was unbelievable and the one thing they didn’t want to hear was that he had no experience.

    Remember, left AND right leaning mixture there.

    But you know the one thing that I will never ever forgive any of them for? “He’ll learn on the job what it means to be President because they all do.”

    Let me make something clear here, there’s a distinct difference between what they were implying and what most President’s do when confronted with the position. They all “learn” on the job because there is no other like it. That is a given. But that is not what these highly educated and usually intelligent sounding people meant and we all knew it. I wasn’t born yesterday and neither were they.

    No, it was clear, they had already bought into the concept that it was time for America to elect a black President and there was no going back regardless of whether he could do the job or not. So, he was going to have to learn “something important” about being Presidential on the job and they knew it. Whatever that something was that he didn’t know. Wasn’t important.


    And that doesn’t even touch on what his ideological plans for the country might be and whether or not one disagrees with them. Because hey, I didn’t always agree with Bill Clinton’s ideology, thought his personal life was a mess – still do – but I at least thought he was a relatively good President in the sense that he understood what “being President” was all about at least in public and therein lies the difference.

    It’s a huge difference people.

    Oops, sorry for the mini-rant.

    • Jadzia says:

      My theory about McCain is that, as he is not a person who believed his election would make the seas stop rising etc. etc., he did not really want to win. While I agree with Joe Biden (!) that the Obama Administration has ownership of the economy at this point, that wasn’t the case yet back in 2008, and either candidate was going to be left with a Really Big Mess. Except that if McCain won, he was going to be left with a Really Big Mess that he would be at least partially blamed for (as somebody of the same party as GWB), AND half the country would be calling him a r*cist to boot, for spoiling Obama’s coronation.

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