Oh goody, we get to say the “N-word!”



This is one of the ugliest smears of the campaign yet:

At Rick Perry’s Texas hunting spot, camp’s old racially charged name lingered

Paint Creek, Tex. — In the early years of his political career, Rick Perry began hosting fellow lawmakers, friends and supporters at his family’s secluded West Texas hunting camp, a place known by the name painted in block letters across a large, flat rock standing upright at its gated entrance.

“N****rhead,” it read.

In case you’re wondering I replaced four letters with “****” – the original story had the “N-word” in it.

Progressives love to use that word when they can blame it on Republicans. How much do they love it? Matt Yglesias put it in his headline to make sure you didn’t miss it.

But when you look at all the facts (which progressives conveniently keep leaving out) this is what happened:

Many years ago before the Perry family had anything to do with the property it was known by that racially offensive name. Then his dad leased it and painted over the name on the rock used as a sign. Later they turned the rock over to further conceal the racist term. At some point Perry was added to the lease.

The Washington Post found some people who claim the sign was visible for years after Perry says it was painted over.   They aren’t sure when it happened but they don’t dispute that it is now painted over and turned over. (They don’t even include a picture of the rock in the story.)

So how much blame does Rick Perry deserve for all this?

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32 Responses to Oh goody, we get to say the “N-word!”

  1. ralphb says:

    This is a vile smear and I don’t see any redeeming value to it at all!

    • djmm says:

      I really dislike Perry’s policies, but this story is ridiculous. Yes, the word is highly offensive but Perry did not choose the name. It was not even their land — they lease it for hunting. Best I can tell, Perry’s parents should be given credit for painting off the word and turning over the rock.

      But the press turning over this rock? There is no there there. There are tons of things to criticize Perry about — this just is not one of them.


  2. Betty says:

    We always called those nuts, n***ertoes. My sister in law once asked a black person what they call those nuts and he said “honkey toes” . Laughed so hard my stomach hurt. So did she and so did he.

    • insanelysane says:

      WE need to just stop pointing fingers at each other.

      We have to get past political correctness. It’s killing conversations.

      I say that we should all use those words, that are so charged,
      over and over again until they mean nothing…
      I am a bitch, a cunt, a mic and a poopy head!
      They mean nothing …unless
      Not me. Call me anything U want.
      I know who I am.
      Words can’t hurt me.

  3. WMCB says:

    I’m no fan of Perry, but this is just ridiculous. The name was on the property decades before the Perrys ever leased it, and it appears that no one disputes that Perry Sr tried painting over the name.

    Maybe with the baking TX sun the paint didn’t last, and the name started showing through, and a couple of people spotted it, I dunno. But then they had the damn boulder turned over when paint didn’t seem to do the trick. That part doesn’t seem to be in dispute, either. So what is this story trying to say? What is the big scandal here? Or is the press just doing their usual dogwhistle of “white southerner = racist, no matter what”?

    • myiq2xu says:

      Or is the press just doing their usual dogwhistle of “white southerner = racist, no matter what”?


      • WMCB says:

        I swear to god, I am so sick of this crap. ” Racist” in 2011 has become like “Witch” in 1600’s New England: a handy way to hysterically smear your neighbor as tainted by the devil, no proof required.

        • myiq2xu says:

          What disgusts me is the glee with which progressives use the word.

        • Three Wickets says:

          Yup, they posted the word all over the intertubes today with much relish. It’s almost as if they liked the word or something.

        • WMCB says:

          I’ve begun to believe that 90% of progressives’ “sensitivity” about race is mere projection of their own guilt about their deep-seated belief that black people really are inferior and need the left to take care of them.

          Seriously. I would never have said that 5 years ago, but these people are freaking obsessed with race in a way that is unhealthy, and that’s coming from somewhere.

          I’m beginning to feel about them like I feel about the insanely jealous spouse who sees signs of infidelity in every glance. It’s a good bet that the accuser is the one either bonking everything in town, or wants to.

        • insanelysane says:

          and terrorist….

          Over used and useless.

      • ralphb says:

        No doubt. Pure crap and it has to have taken them some time to talk to dozens of people about this. I don’t see the big problem anyway but I’m sure it will get a lot of play.

  4. Three Wickets says:

    (Is it just me or is half that WaPo story behind their paywall. Guess they’re trying to make money.)

    Assume this is not a new story in Texas given his previous elections. It’s a serious enough allegation (or smear) to warrant a public statement from Perry imo. If he’s planning to try and go the distance, he’s going to have to open up to the nation, way beyond what people can learn from those sad debates. Otherwise big chunks of the electorate will choose to believe what WaPo and the journo-listers tell them to believe. OFA will keep raising the stakes on race, that appears to be their distinguishing strategy for the campaign. I’m curious to see how the Republicans will respond.

    • myiq2xu says:

      All across the south (and quite a few other places) there are old traces of Jim Crow.

    • WMCB says:

      Perry responded immediately. Of course, the media won’t really cover his response.

      “A number of claims made in the story are incorrect, inconsistent, and anonymous, including the implication that Rick Perry brought groups to the lease when the word on the rock was still visible. The one consistent fact in the story is that the word on a rock was painted over and obscured many years ago.

      “Gov. Perry and his family never owned, controlled or managed the property referenced in the Washington Post story. The 42,000-acre ranch is owned by the Hendricks Home for Children, a West Texas charity. http://www.hendrickhome.com/

      “Perry’s father painted over offensive language on a rock soon after leasing the 1,000-acre parcel in the early 1980s. When Gov. Perry was party to the hunting lease from 1997 to 2007, the property was described as northern pasture. He has not been to the property since 2006.

      “In 1991, the Texas Legislature passed a bill to rename old, offensive place names.”

      No one in the WaPo story had the balls to give their name. This was all “anonymous” people who claimed to have maybe seen the name at some time they could not pinpoint.

      It’s complete bullshit smear.

  5. WMCB says:

    BTW, that Ulsterman whitehouse insider dude said a couple of months ago that far from backing off of it, the WH planned to play the race card in the ugliest ways imaginable, much worse than has ever been seen, as a deliberate election strategy.

    Just sayin’.

  6. ralphb says:

    This is really a driveby slander.

  7. 1539days says:

    Herman Cain was on This Week this morning and was asked by Christianne Amanpour about the n-word rock. Cain was relatively subdued in criticizing Perry if it were true. The funny part is that he said the n-word and ABC kept in it. Now, I know for 100% certain that a white person would not be allowed to say this, would be sanctioned for saying it, or would possibility be bleeped. I just can’t accept that one’s race allows them special access to certain words.

  8. This is bad, but to me the most shocking smear was clipping the autorace starting gun to leave out the autos! Leaving out the whole context.

  9. DandyTiger says:

    This sleaze is pretty low, even for Obot types. What am I saying, hell, it’s going to get a lot worse.

  10. HELENK says:

    sometimes when you want to smear someone, you should make sure there are no skeletons in your own closet.
    Backtrack campaigning with the black panthers in 2007. This somehow got overlooked by the msm .


  11. It’s sad when I’m holding myself to a higher standard on my little blog than the main stream media- unsourced allegations from unknown people is the kind of slander that shouldn’t be published anywhere.

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