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The technical term is “a clusterf**k”

So you want to join the revolution? If you live in Austin they are gonna start revolting at 10 am today, with a “general assembly” meeting at 3 pm. The general assembly will be using the “consensus process” to make … Continue reading

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Speaking of Facebook

This is an open thread

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The Filter Bubble

Watch the video. (Via I Own The World)

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Who’s to blame for that?

Matt Yglesias The Cost Of A Demobilized Left Watching the growth of Occupy Wall Street solidarity protests around the country, it’s hard not to be reminded of the lost opportunity to mobilize a left-wing popular movement back in the winter … Continue reading

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The Lost Generation – victims of excessive self-esteem

What do you do with a whole generation of slackers who thinks they deserve rewards just for existing? The creative class is a lie Someday, there will be a snappy acronym for the period we’re living though, but right now … Continue reading

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Thank Wal-Mart for your new bank card fee When Bank of America announced last week that it would charge $5 a month to customers who make purchases with their debit card, customers railed against the bank. Many conservatives and libertarians … Continue reading

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Dead meat

Michele Bachmann’s campaign is sputtering in Iowa Michele Bachmann’s appearance on a talk radio show here should have been a breeze. Ronald Reagan was a sportscaster at the station in his early days, and his memorabilia is sprinkled around the … Continue reading

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Reminder: Tomorrow, 10/4, is Run, Sarah, Run day

The Undefeated dvd is for sale starting tomorrow in stores across the country (including Target). If you can’t wait, pre-order it today at Walmart or Amazon. Steve Bannon, the guy who made the film, interviewed First Dude Todd Palin last … Continue reading

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Their logo is pretty uncivil too

Beltway Confidential: Photos of First Lady Michelle Obama were featured on all major network newscasts yesterday as she was spotted shopping at a local Target retail store wearing a hat and sunglasses. Target notoriously sparked the outrage of liberals and … Continue reading

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How’s that hippie-punching working out?

The factious left dogs Obama President Obama is learning the hard way that you can’t please all of your fans all of the time. After riding a wave of liberal support into the White House three years ago, Obama has … Continue reading

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The Doctor is Grumpy

Doctor Grumpy: I’m not taking sides in the health care debate, but I do want to clarify something. I see people on the news screaming that they don’t want “bureaucrats” between them and their doctor, and are afraid that’s what … Continue reading

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