One night, when I was drinking tequila . . .

I’m shocked!:

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison say college students’ Facebook pages hold clues to which of them are at risk for alcohol dependence and abuse, Reuters Health reports.

Dr. Megan Moreno, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, along with a team of researchers from her university and the University of Washington in Seattle, surveyed the Facebook pages, including photos and posts, of 224 undergraduates with publicly-available profiles.

According to the researchers, students who had pictures or posts about getting drunk or blacking out were more likely to be at risk of drinking problems, based on a screening test. That was not necessarily the case for students who merely mentioned alcohol or drinking on their pages.

Did I mention that it’s Oktoberfest?

This is an open thread.

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  1. yttik says:

    That’s what researchers do at the University of Washington, you know, get totally drunk and then go on facebook and compare notes. They’re actually pretty clever, they’ve finally figured out how to get a grant to pay for it all.

    For years they’ve been trying to do the same study with marijuana, but they keep forgetting what they were supposed to be researching.

  2. DandyTiger says:

    I hope they don’t discover my Facebook page. They’ll send me to rehab immediately.

    • As if that would be the first time.

      • myiq2xu says:

        Rehab is for quitters.

        • timothy2010 says:

          Sadly that is not the case. The lumping of a drug is a drug(alcohol and crack) in rehabilitation facilities does no one any good. Alcohol has a physical component which demands that the body receive some booze. Four days detox and 28 days listening to whales and sharing how ashamed you are of who you are doesn’t work. Advocates of 12 steps claim theirs is the only way. Follow us and you will be better. Too bad its a crock of shite. Works really well for some but not enough to be the end all. A fat person can drop a few pounds over 28 days of scrutiny but is highly likely to gain it and more back when left alone. nine months of a changed lifestyle in my experience seems to yield the best result with drunks. Expensive? Yes. One or two shots at a yearlong program run well is cheaper than multiple rehabs and is dqarfed by the cost of privately run out patient treatment centers. I know of a place on Long island that bills close to 600 per day per client for out patient rehab. They have close to 350 clients. Employees have cracker jack degrees/certificates which teach them the 12 step program and that is it. The way the system is now run is a disgrace and a complete waste of tax payer dollars.

  3. crawdad says:

    Anyone ever tell you that you’re a bad influence?

  4. myiq2xu says:

    Serenity is on Syfy tonight!

  5. ralphb says:

    Tried watching livestream of the occupyaustin meeting this evening. Got so bored I couldn’t stand it any more. Blah, blah, blah. Gotta have a planning meeting to come up with a plan. blah, blah.

    If I had driven downtown for that, I would have totally freaked.

  6. ralphb says:

    • ralphb says:

      From C4P…

      That’s reportedly the official line from Governor Palin’s team.

      In case you missed it, Governor Palin’s attorneys are making early state inquiries.

      Governor Palin’s Gallup intensity rating has improved by 30% in the last three weeks while Mitt “peacetime” Romney’s and Rick Perry’s scores have decreased by around 20% and 40%, respectively in that same time period. As for the horserace polling, as long as the Governor ends up winning nearly everyone who wants her to run, she’ll be ok as that percentage would put her in the lead in nearly every poll. 33% may be all that it takes to win this primary. Her negatives among all voters in the CBS/NY times poll have fallen by almost 20% in just a couple weeks.

      I agree about the horse race numbers. Currently a higher percentage want Palin to run than support the frontrunner in every poll which has asked the question, WaPo/ABC and NYT/CBS.

      • DandyTiger says:

        I think with Christie out, and Perry not recovering as well as I would have guessed, and Mitt on top but not enthusiastically, Palin would be in good shape jumping in.

  7. 1539days says:

    That thing I said about the internet becoming crack because of customization? It’s true. I’ve been listening to Pandora non-stop since I got my account.

  8. ralphb says:

    The Weakly Standard begins the GOP establishment’s attempt to take down Herman Cain.

    “Herman Cain on Killing Awlaki and the 9-9-9 Plan”

  9. ralphb says:

    satire: A Case, of Identity Thieving

    Totally Meghan McCain … 🙂

    Attention, young people!! I am writing, this column to inform you that, there is someone on the Internet who is FALSELY IMPERSONATING me, Totally Meghan McCain. This person, clearly not having been matriculated – from a prestigious university like Colombia, as I had, is making me look like a TOTAL IDIOT. When I realized this, I was HORRIFIC. (PS – Am I, the only one who realizes, that word is completely sexist? It, was probably invented by some pasty old white male – Republican – instead of being invented, by someone cool like my dad).

    I am, so horrific in fact, have taken steps to have my name legally changed. It turns out some jerk already owns the name Totally Meghan OchoCinco, so I have decided to go with Totally Megan McKane, which is how, it should be spelled anyway (the silent “I” in McCain doesn’t make any sense!)

    It gets funnier as it goes along.

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