Vandals and Goths


Occupy Wall Street Causing Problems On Main Street

Zuccotti Park is more of a granite-clad pedestrian plaza than a park. On a normal weekday, pre-protest, the area would be crowded with “suits” eating their lunches or drinking their coffees, courtesy of the nearby food trucks, sandwich shops and pizzerias. Today, it’s difficult to navigate the area moving north to south, as pedestrians and onlookers encounter human roadblocks once they hit the Liberty Street and Broadway intersection. Double-decker tour buses roll by the park to allow patrons to snap pictures of a “real New York City protest,” while clogging crosswalks and slowing traffic. These days, the sidewalks opposite the park are empty except for camera crews setting up their shots, and the few people walking by have their backs to the businesses, their eyes fixed on the growing commotion across the street.

For Tzortzatos, the “occupation” has resulted not just in a loss in business. “I’ve had a lot of damage from the protesters,” she said. “I’ve had to put a $200 lock on my bathroom because they come in here and try to bathe. The sink fell down to the ground, cracked open, pulled the plumbing out of the wall and caused a flood. It’s a no-win situation. If I open the restroom for one, 30 people line up outside, disrupting my business.”

A manager at the nearby Essex World Cafe — who asked to remain anonymous — shared similar complaints. Referring to three young men waiting at the end of the counter, he explained, “They want to use the toilet, the phones, we give them free water and free ice. They sit here and don’t buy anything, but they recharge their phone batteries with our plugs, and I tell them, ‘Hey, if you guys are going to come, I need to do some business here. We are suffering, too!’ And then they start with their own words, going against you.” The three young men eventually left the cafe, each carrying large containers the staff had filled with hot and cold water for them.

I’m sure those bankers are about to cave in and renounce greed any day now.

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  1. crawdad says:

    They sure know how to wear out their welcome, don’t they?

  2. DeniseVB says:

    I think the Wall Street kids need a theme song. Oh wait, they’re already “free” and nobody’s shooting (or gassing) them 😉

  3. WMCB says:


    Anti-semitism on parade at the NY OWS protest, toward an elderly Jewish man. “Go back to Israel, Jew.” Shit like this worries me. Why? Because anger at banks and anti-semitism has not, historically, been a very good mix.

      • WMCB says:

        What bothers me the most is not the one asshole. It’s all the people standing around watching him berate this old man and not objecting at all.

        • Amen to that.
          Maybe I should avoid going to the planned Pittsburgh event- cuz if I saw that happening that child would get an earful and then some from me.
          And what is that he says? He says he has a job- in the Plumbers union- and makes $7 bucks an hour? Where exactly do union jobs pay that wage? And what is minimum wage in NY?

        • ralphb says:

          Maybe he works for the union as a protestor for less than minimum wage. They’ve been hiring people to do that lately, especially in Vegas.

        • Mary says:

          They did it in Madison, Wisconsin, too. Bussed em in, paid a per diem for meals. True story.

    • votermom says:

      Because anger at banks and anti-semitism has not, historically, been a very good mix.
      I was just thinking that earlier …

    • Three Wickets says:

      Progressives can really be hateful schmucks and bigots.

  4. timothy2010 says:

    Depending on where they decide to hold it I may attend the PGH protest. Very curious. Point State Park would give them great optics.

    • Timothy- the article I saw said Shadyside. My daughter did two years a Carlow university over in the Oakland neighborhood. Other than that am not too familiar with Pittsburgh.I do know where the Pointe State Park is. I will try and find the link if you want it.

      • Here it is- I will look for the FB page too

        Anybody else on the board from the area?

        • timothy2010 says:

          Thank You.
          I very much want to witness it. For or against this is a movement unlike anything before it. I am curious to see how many CMU students are there as bambi seems to visit there a ridiculous amount. I say scream and scream out loud, be heard and do not let the bastards grind you down– which is a paraphrase of a U2 song which was itself an homage to a writer named Delmore Schwartz who wrote”In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”

      • timothy2010 says:

        Don’t worry about it . I can just check the occupy Pittsburgh link. So far it says time Oct 15 date to be determined(ha ha). I was going to wear something to get a response like stop mechelle’s vacations but I think it would be a better experience for me if I was just a fly on the wall with a digital camcorder. Look for agitators as I think most have good intentions albeit misguided. I am sure that the most vociferous of the lot supported waffles with everything their hearts and their parents wallets allowed. Probably not ready to lay any blame at heir messiah’s feet better to go after something as convoluted as wall street or admit they were dead wrong and the countless hours devoted to teh one were a complete mistake.

        • votermom says:

          Let us know if you go. Being a fly on the wall sounds like a good idea.

        • I had the same thought- roving undercover reporter. I don’t have one of those fancy schmancy phones with intertubz service though. Back in the 08 I did phone in reports to a blog on one of the DNC dumbass meetings they had in Pittsburgh.

  5. ralphb says:

    “Samuel L Jackson joins Morgan Freeman as a disgusting race baiter”

    While we were on the subject, we asked Jackson if he agreed with fellow thespian Morgan Freeman, who caused something of a ruckus recently after he claimed that the tea party is racist. “It’s pretty obvious what they are,” Jackson told us. “The division of the country is not about the government having too much power. I think everything right now is geared toward getting that guy out of office, whatever that means,” he said, echoing Freeman. “It’s not politics. It is not economics. It all boils down to pretty much to race. It is a shame.”

    Yes it is a shame for a person with his gifts to be a total idiot.

  6. crawdad says:

    I’m waiting for the NYC homeless to show up for the free food.

    “I’m not homeless, I’m a protestor”

    • timothy2010 says:

      Well since the theme seems to be share the wealth they should seek out the homeless and offer to share their food.
      one of my favorite people i have ever had the pleasure of meeting was a homeless guy in Washington Heights named Bobby. Smart industrious guy who just can’t stay sober. He pays the supers of large apartment buildings to come in the night before recyclables and goes through the bags. keeps it all clean and repackages everything when he is done. Before I met him I thought “street people” waited by subways to pick up discarded cigarettes to finish smoking. Not the case They take them and remove the tobacco and re-roll. He gets by on his wits in a world I am sure I’d never hack it.

  7. timothy2010 says:

    Little bit of happy news
    Keith Olberman’s Current TV ratings drop to new low

  8. ralphb says:

    Better poll news for Herman Cain from CBS. By the way, Undecided is the winner of the poll so RUN, SARAH, RUN!

    “Cain 17, Romney 17, Perry 12, Undecided 18″

    • ralphb says:

      In the poll, Republican primary voters were asked if they were satisfied with the current field. Forty-six percent said yes – and just as many said they want new choices.

      It’s not clear who that new choice might be. There is not a groundswell for the most prominent Republican still openly considering a run, 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, to jump in: Three in four Republican primary voters said they would not like to see her enter the race. Just 23 percent said they wanted to see a Palin candidacy.

      23% of the people polled want Palin to run while the front runners are 1t 17%. That’s a classy problem for Sarah!

      In another poll, with Romney at 24 or so, 31% wanted Palin to run. How is that bad news for her? Are pollsters mathematically literate? No.

  9. timothy2010 says:

    I am no psychologist but does anyone else feel politics has become less about identification and more about projection. Couple of college kids I have dealt with since the Wall Street fiasco started all seem to me that they are talking about their mother/stepmother — father/stepfather. The zeal is alarming. Won’t go as far as to say Mansonesque but disturbing processes.

  10. Three Wickets says:

    The Gray Lady’s True Colors

    Last night Jim Roberts, the Times’s assistant managing editor, used his verified Twitter account to send this to his followers: “RT @thinkprogress: Five reasons why #OccupyWallStreet embodies the values of the REAL Boston Tea Party.”

    For those lacking basic Twitteracy, “RT” is short for “retweet,” which means that Roberts was repeating a tweet from the account of ThinkProgress, a highly partisan left-liberal opinion site. This would be unremarkable coming from, say, the editor of the Times editorial page. From Roberts, however, it reinforces perceptions that the Times’s news coverage is biased in favor of the left and against the Tea Party.

    Not that this is news to anyone.

    • Three Wickets says:

      LaRouchies and anti-semites love invoking Hitler.

      • timothy2010 says:

        Does anyone even take notice that Our Lady of Perpetual Controversy 20 years ago– madonna held domestic and international concerts liking Bush to Hitler and now ESPN has said HW JR’s statement about bambi is inappropriate. She attacked a sitting president comparing him to Hitler and now the NFL is going to have her do the half time show at the Super Bowl?????????

  11. Three Wickets says:

    Here’s more detail on #OccupyDC which apparently begins in earnest this Thursday.

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