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The Lowest Lows

Within a few hours of each other, I heard the disappointing news that Sarah Palin will not run for president and the disheartening news that Steve Jobs has died. Both have profound effects on this country. One had a great … Continue reading

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I need something to cheer me up

Has it really been twenty years? Damn, they look so young. I haven’t changed a bit. (via lorac at Uppity’s)

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Mark Levin: The former Alaska Governor and VP candidate sent the following letter to her supporters on Wednesday: October 5, 2011 Wasilla, Alaska After much prayer and serious consideration, I have decided that I will not be seeking the 2012 … Continue reading

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Sarah didn’t like her. Sarah didn’t trust her. Sarah has good instincts: Nicolle Wallace knows her politics. She served as White House communications chief under George W. Bush and also worked as a senior advisor on the McCain-Palin 2008 campaign. … Continue reading

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Rep. Issa talks to Anderson Cooper about Fast and Furious

Looks like the Fast and Furious scandal is finally going mainstream. (Via Hot Air)

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What about fluffy bunnies?

Kid Pareene: So my immodest proposal is simply this: Individuals and households in the bottom 99 percent who owe debt to any large financial institution that received federal government support during and after the 2008 crisis should see their debt … Continue reading

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He’s aging like milk

New poll shows Obama approval continuing to sour Disapproval of President Obama is hardening at new highs, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Wednesday, providing troubling signs for the president as he pushes his jobs program and girds … Continue reading

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The Republicans did it too!!

The Obama White House must really be feeling the heat over the Fast and Furious scandal: AP sources: Bush-era probe involved guns ‘walking’ The federal government under the Bush administration ran an operation that allowed hundreds of guns to be … Continue reading

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Yeah, that will show them

Occupy Colleges plans national walk-out Wednesday Occupy Colleges — a movement that stemmed from Occupy Wall Street — is calling for a national campus walkout Wednesday at 12 p.m. to protest rising college debt and a lack of jobs for … Continue reading

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