What a heart-wrenching story

Too bad it’s bullshit:

Robert Stephens graduated from Carleton College (average cost: $42,942/year) in 2010 and now studies law at The George Washington University Law School (average cost: $70,449/year). His father has a Ph.D. and two master’s degrees; his mother also has a master’s degree. Only in America could a kid have been blessed with so much… and only in America could he still claim to be a victim. America’s capitalist society has apparently leveled a grave injustice against his family and Robert will not stand for it.

Stephens — who identifies his personal political philosophy as Bolivian socialism — made a trip to New York City this weekend to participate in the “Days of Rage” march on Wall Street. He was arrested Saturday when he refused police requests to get up and out of the way of traffic in the street.

In his emotional “rage,” Stephens told the sympathetic Socialist/Marxist/Anarchist crowd how an eeeeeevil Wall Street bank had taken his parents’ home away from them


There’s just one problem: Robert Stephens’ story is (surprise!) completely bogus.

Phone inquiries into the county property records & taxpayer services office reveal that the Stephens family home is not and never has been in foreclosure, that property taxes had been paid in full this year and the remaining balance on their mortgage for the half-million dollar home is less than one year’s worth of tuition+fees at their son’s law school.

This is why I want to know who these people are.

Imagine if the leaders of Wallbagger Inc. all turned out to be silver spoonies, OFA members and Democratic operatives.

I guess these troublesome thoughts will go away once I drink the Koolaid from the communal punchbowl.

(h/t Legal Insurrection)

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17 Responses to What a heart-wrenching story

  1. crawdad says:

    It must be premium grade astroturf.

  2. Is this what they mean by consensus reality? If all the OWS members say it’s true, then it’s true? Just wondering.

  3. Three Wickets says:

    Carlton College, lol. Talk about a plush oasis for silver spoon creative class liberals. Makes Harvard look rough and tumble. I’m sure they had good drama clubs though, and the socialist societies probably threw the best parties on campus.

  4. HELENK says:

    living proof that kool-aide rots the brain.
    Paul Krugman
    occupy wall street bunch better behaved than tea party


  5. Three Wickets says:

    Van Jones and Naomi Klein on Crooks and Liars. Naomi is reluctant to shill for BO, Van Jones has no such problem.

  6. foxyladi14 says:

    rots the brain and burns the tongue.. 😆

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