Who is Doug Forand?

Earlier today as I perused Myiq2xu’s post on union influence at Occupy Boston, I was drawn to a name mentioned in the link to the Politico story: Doug Forand. The Politico article is on the March on Mansions protests planned for NYC earlier today. I make it a habit of googling names I come across in news articles, especially if it’s part of a larger, on-going story the media is following. You can often uncover interesting histories and flesh out networks by doing this. Doug Forand was quoted extensively in the Politico article, and labeled “the spokesperson for 99 New York, the coalition which organized the protest.” He was erroneously called “Occupy Wall Street spokesman,” in an earlier edition of the story (no note about the revision on the article, either). That’s what originally caught my eye.

It turns out that Doug Forand, the resident of Brooklyn whose name is becoming quickly associated with news reports of the OWS protests, is a partner at Red Horse Strategies, LLC, the consulting firm that has been credited with the Democrats rise to power in 2008. According to the public statement at the firm’s founding, Forand was described thusly:

Doug Forand has over ten years experience leading campaigns and working in the New York State Government. Most recently, he served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of the DSCC under Senate Minority Leaders David Paterson and Malcolm Smith. In 2002, he was the campaign manager for Alan Hevesi’s winning 2002 Comptroller campaign and served as Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for Comptroller Hevesi following his election.

Red Horse Strategies was the consulting firm of record for the DSCC until 2010. The firm added a fund-raising arm to its operation in 2011.

So now Doug Forand has joined forces with and become spokesperson for “99 New York,” which I can’t find much on except for this Firedoglake report, which describes it as “UnitedNY, Strong Economy for All Coaltition (sic), NY Communities for Change, the Working Families Party and a bunch of other community organizations.”  According to some conservative websites, the Working Families Party has been busted hiring protesters for Occupy Wall Street. Red Horse is not listed among those groups, but the report is not a journalists article and it may be publicly identified with the group. I don’t know. As I said, there’s not a lot of info on the group online, except for them being cited and quoted in news articles.

What I do want to know is why is a guy, who is up to his neck in electing Democrats like Forand is, suddenly trying to organize the kind of confrontational street theater operations like we saw last year with unions and Bank of America executives, and again this year with unions and Republican state senators in Wisconsin? And why is he using Occupy Wall Street to do it? Something is definitely stinking here.

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  1. WMCB says:

    Oooo, good work, Lola! Stuff like this and the “targets” picked for the billionaire home protests by Working Families Party (staying far away from any Obama banker buddies), stink to high heaven.

  2. crawdad says:

    If you watch any of those general assemblies they can’t agree on anything more complicated than what time to have lunch.

    So all these other groups (Working Families, Red Horse, Unions) organize stuff around them that the OWS protestors participate in.

    This gives OWS deniability while allowing them to accept credit.

  3. yttik says:

    Donna Brazille and quite a few other pundits have threatened riots in the street. Obama told congress that if he didn’t get what he wanted, he would take it to the people.

    My point being, they pretty much told us what the plan was. The plan is in motion. It’s kind of astounding to me that some people are still trying to claim that this is a non partisan, grass roots protest. Right, and the first thing they do is protest in favor of Obama’s jobs bill?? Next it will become a big get out the vote movement. We’ll need to protect people from “wall street” by re-electing Obama.

  4. CJK says:

    Working Families Party is an ACORN spinoff.

  5. Lola-at-Large says:

    MBNYC @ DailyKos describes Doug thus:

    Meet Doug Forand. Doug is one of the legendary political strategists in the State of New York, a former boss and a good friend. He is, in short, a Very Serious Person™. If Doug calls you, you will take that call, no matter who you are.

    • Mimi says:

      Former boss and good friend. Forand is a political operative and former boss. So MBNYC is a slightly lower ranked political operative who uses DK to spread the word. His Most Recommended Diary: I don’t intend to apologize for liking the President. In MBNYC’s diary Sat Mar 22, 2008 Clinton’s fundraising examined, he states “Hillary’s campaign, however, is still stuck in the expense structure more commonplace in old-line, large-donor-funded campaigns. And while Robin Purnell in Gary, Indiana, skips lunch to eke out a $25 shot in the arm for Hillary’s campaign every now and then, along with many others making similar sacrifices, the foundering Clinton campaign shows no sign of being aware that it owes Robin a higher level of accountability.

      So another pair of hypocritical shills is exposed. As usual denigrating working class people who contribute to someone other than their boss, The One. God I hate these snotty little assholes.

  6. votermom says:

    I tweeted your post, Lola. People need to know this.

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  8. Well Lola- that certainly helps explain the e-mail from the DCCC asking for signatures on a petition supporting OWS. Building up their data base.

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