What kind of party are we talking about?

Shepard Fairey, L.A. Street Artist, Designs Party Invite for Occupy Wall Street

Yup. This just happened. Right after receiving the victorious news from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg that Occupy Wall Street doesn’t have to move out of Zuccotti Park after all, protest organizers learned they’d been blessed with a Shepard Fairey original.

An East Coast art-blog editor who’s been keeping up with the artistic aspects of OWS (and oh, there are many — in L.A. too!) told WNYC radio of Fairey’s “Occupation Party” invite: “I think it’s really great that it’s an upward looking positive image, as well as it tries to tie together a little bit of the radicalism of the 60’s with today.”


What a co-inky-dink.

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39 Responses to What kind of party are we talking about?

  1. crawdad says:

    How conveenient!

  2. WMCB says:

    Ooooo, designer of the famous Obama Hope poster had it all handy and ready to go, did he?

    LOL! Jeebus, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

  3. Rocky Hussein Squirrel says:

    Is that supposed to be Angela Davis?

  4. Three Wickets says:

    Shepard Fairey beaten up after spat over controversial Danish mural

    Go home, Yankee hipster..

    Guess he’s decided to come home. Too bad.

    • Pips says:

      … and in reporting on this story in Danish media, he was consistently referred to as “The Obama Artist” – which is meant as a badge of honour. “We” are still big on Obama, heh.

  5. 1539days says:

    I think they need a theme song. Maybe Hank Williams Jr. could sing “All My Commie Friends are Coming Over Tonight (and They’re not Leaving)”

  6. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. Such an amazing coincidence.

  7. timothy2010 says:

    Again with the mythology who dubbed this clown a graffiti artist? Colored skateboards and t-shirts. Dad’s a doc mom’s a realtor. He is no SAMO(Jean-Michel Basquiat) .looked at quite a few of his works. nothing moved me. Gack.

    Seriously who is writing this Horror story? Pre-GE down in polls markets dive and then Whitey granny dies dies before, No funeral. Anyone see her body. Convenient little bump for that. osama, al whacky, Iranian terror plot, twinkle down phenom. And scariest of them all meechelle in Target.
    Not buying.

    • Three Wickets says:

      Basquiat built his own share of mythology about his background, imho, and his sad and untimely death has added to it. Modern art requires marketing though, so who can blame him or the people who look after his estate today. I still like most of his work, in any case.

  8. Lola-at-Large says:

    Did you see the part where they are promoting wearing white? That’s reminiscent of the suffrage protests.

  9. Dario says:

    Using Angela Davis image can change how the public see the demonstrators. Angela is not someone I would use if I wanted broad appeal. Obama has lots to lose if the OWS demonstrators become more radicalized.

    • WMCB says:

      Yeah, putting an avowed Marxist and former Black Panther member on your poster might not be the kind of PR you were looking for.

      • timothy2010 says:

        Well it’ll sure get a reaction from those who worship at the Reagan alter.
        Isn’t her big thing now to close down all the prisons?

        • Dario says:

          I think few people follow Angela. She in the left, and Malcolm X in the right, are symbols of the radical elements in the black community.

  10. myiq2xu says:

    My morning post will discuss the OWS 10-point plan for world domination.

  11. Dario says:

    World domination might come to be.

    Wall Street sit-in protest goes global

    (Reuters) – Protesters worldwide geared up for a cry of rage on Saturday against bankers, financiers and politicians they accuse of ruining global economies and condemning millions to poverty and hardship through greed.
    Galvanised by the past month’s Occupy Wall Street movement, the global protest began on a sunny spring day in New Zealand and is due to ripple round the world to Alaska via London, Frankfurt, Washington and New York.

  12. timothy2010 says:

    According to their site their are 1,570 cities participating tomorrow. Amazing that a bunch of disenfranchised debt ridden stoners could pull this together without an agenda and no backers.
    Wonder if bambi scheduled it to conflict with the Clinton Global Initiative celebration. nah nah nah nah more people will burden broke economies because of me than watched your life affirming celebration of making a healthy positive difference in peoples lives.

  13. timothy2010 says:

    I wonder if it eats him up inside to know that he got his ass kicked by a girl and had to have everyone else come to his defense. he knows what really happened and I am sure the CGI people do not have anywhere near the skills of the twinkies so this concert was planned long before 9/17 which according to their own admission OWS was born that day out of ether. put nothing past this wretched cabal.

    • Three Wickets says:

      @JakeTapper: Everything fits into a lazy preconceived narrative conceived over coffee six months ago.

      Jake is only half joking. About six months ago is when the MoJo folks were doing their big meetups in NYC iirc.

  14. Three Wickets says:

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