Remember this guy?

Meet Edward T. Hall III:

Mr. Hall said that he grew up in New Mexico and that both his parents were politically active lawyers who were thrilled that he was pursuing a socially conscious life and was involved in the Occupy Wall Street protest. Mr. Hall said he attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and then transferred to Bard College in upstate New York because of its reputation as a socially conscious school.

He had been renting in Washington Heights for the past two years while attending doctoral classes at Columbia University as a nonmatriculated student. He said that he supported his modest lifestyle with savings from working as a teenager and that he also had “a small trust fund” from his grandfather that he had not drawn from yet. For the past four weeks, he has eaten free meals and has slept in the park.

Apparently Mr. Hall really is a few protesters short of a march:

Last month, I was surprised to learn that my pal Ted had made the tabloids and then became news around the world while trying to catch a plane departing New York City’s JFK airport for San Francisco using an extremely unconventional approach. The consensus among various news outlets is that Ted, desiring to see a woman named Maya, tried to board a United Airlines flight without an ID, and then, when he was denied, he attempted to crawl through the baggage carousel to gain entry to the tarmac.

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35 Responses to Remember this guy?

  1. crawdad says:

    The Ritalin generation

  2. votermom says:

    Wasn’t he in Bil & Ted’s’ Excellent Protest?

  3. The face of OWS. I’m so proud. Sniff, sniff.

  4. yttik says:

    “his parents….. were thrilled that he was pursuing a socially conscious life and was involved in the Occupy Wall Street protest.”

    Hallelujah! Peace at last! We have our basement back.

  5. WTRM – what Ted really meant, coming to a blog near you.

  6. Mary says:

    Ah……another trust-fund baby praised for living a “socially conscious life.”

    Uh huh.

  7. DeniseVB says:

    The lawyer guy, who faked the police scooter incident, was arrested for criminal mischief 🙂

  8. HELENK says:

    LANow LA Times – LA NOW
    Occupy San Diego issues public appeal for bail money

    no comment

  9. HELENK says:

    too good to miss
    you might be a fleabagger if!/search?q=%23YouMightBeAFleabagger

  10. elliesmom says:

    Whenever I see “III” or “IV” after someone’s name, I think that his parents were too lazy to think of a name for the baby.

    • Mimi says:

      Or have a surname as a first name. My personal favorite is Raddington Elliott Cavanaugh. And it’s a girl.

      • myiq2xu says:

        Where I come from you’re lucky to get one name.

        • Mimi says:

          Everyone I know is Buddy, Hoss, Bubba or Sissy. People ask if I am French.

        • I was named after the dog.

        • WMCB says:

          I was named after a notorious alcoholic black sheep great aunt whom my mother adored. I think she did it just to piss the family off. She was like that. 😀

        • Jadzia says:

          My mother is from your general area (closer to Bakersfield), and she has a cousin who didn’t even GET a name until he was about 2. His original birth certificate said “Boy.” I believe they eventually named him John.

        • myiq2xu says:

          His original birth certificate said “Boy.” I believe they eventually named him John.

          I got a better story. I once met a guy named “Baby M______”

          That was not a nickname.

          His parents were illiterate immigrants. When he was born the hospital put the sign “Baby M______” on his crib and his parents thought that was his legal name. They never changed it.

          True story – cross my heart.

        • elliesmom says:

          Want to know what goes on in the Teachers’ Room? We sit around and vote on the stupidest name of the year. So far “Yourmajesty” is ahead.

        • Mary says:

          Got one better: Had a student years ago named “Syphillis.” Her mother thought it was a flower.

          True story.

  11. Mimi says:

    Per a comment on Hot Air here is the grandpa of Edward Hall III. There must have been some terrible recessive genes somewhere.

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