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NYPD Arrests Woman For Closing Her Citibank Account

Be patient through the first 90 seconds — haha, attention span of a gnat! — because a remarkable little drama unfolds with protesters inside the Citibank branch communicating with protesters outside, all very reserved, collecting names and birthdates of the people about to be arrested inside. And then, brutish cops seize a woman in a business suit who is saying, “I’m a customer, I’m a customer,” and showing her Citibank checkbook. Apparently she is here to close her account, and for that she is manhandled by a bunch of thug cops who should be careful where they go from now on. Anyway, closing your account is now a go-to-jail offense.

Oh yeah, that story makes perfect sense. A woman goes down to Citibank to close her account and gets arrested for no reason. Happens every day.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Earlier in the day, two dozen protesters were arrested at a Citibank branch when they refused a manager’s request to leave. Most were detained for trespassing.

What? It was purely a coincidence that she brought along 24 of her closest fleabagger friends. Besides, she went outside, leaving them inside when the cops arrived. The reason she didn’t close her account before she left the bank was she realized she had the wrong bank. But her friends didn’t hear her so they stayed inside.

Scout’s honor.


Isn’t this an implied threat?

. . . a bunch of thug cops who should be careful where they go from now on.

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11 Responses to A likely story

  1. Mimi says:

    “a bunch of thug cops who should be careful where they go from now on.”

    This is standard thug talk. Calling your opponent what you in fact are is standard Obama follower projection. They are thuggers so they call everyone else that. They really are stupid.

  2. Mimi says:

    The Obama machine may have felt they had to kick it up a notch. There was some kind of mess in Times Square also terrorizing tourists. CBS Face the Nation is going to do Issa and Fast and Furious today. So the WH may have screwed up by having WH staffer cussing out a CBS investigative reporter who then promptly told everyone instead of slinking off in shame and fear for her career. Complete diversion has not been achieved yet and they will have to risk escalation which might backfire.

  3. elliesmom says:

    You plan to make a protest statement about the banks and invite 24 of your closest protester friends to come, and then you don’t check the name of the bank on your checks? You fill port-a-potties with your excrement (teachers can’t say shit online), but you don’t make any provisions for having them emptied? And you think you’re smart enough to change the world into something better? Does the stupid hurt? Not the protesters, but the people who are usually pretty sane and smart who are falling all over themselves in support of them. I used to tell my students that “gullible wasn’t written on my ceiling”, but then one day I looked up and it was. But the kid had spelled it wrong. I’m not worried about the idiots sleeping in parks. I’m worried about the Gullibles. They need to look up.

  4. Betty says:

    Who was that woman in the suit ? Was she a Judas goat who was to lead the useful idiots to the slaughter and then go happily on her way to another bank/confrontation. Like Natasha, “I am too important to be arrested”?

    If that is so, imagine her surprise.

  5. yttik says:

    What bothers me the most about this story is how it is being received and accepted by some people who don’t even question it. They just run with the hysteria and hyperbole.

  6. DandyTiger says:

    These tactics do not help their purported cause. Lying, melodrama and made up injuries, threats to political opponents and cops, etc. all point to one thing, protesting and anarchy for its own sake. For the sake of distraction and chaos.

    Reminds me of Obots going over the top with hate speech towards women who don’t agree with them when they can simply stick to policy arguments and win the day.

  7. Lola-at-Large says:

    I read a news report yesterday where the manager was saying they came in shouting and kept shouting. It was the disruption they created due to this that got them the request to leave. It was refusing to leave that got them arrested. So, no, they were not arrested for “trying to close bank accounts.”

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