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Asymptotic Tax Rates and Other Games

Andrew Cuomo wants to let the millionaire’s tax in New York state disappear. This is bad timing, as downstate is currently protesting to put more taxes on whatever the current definition of rich is. He’s sympathetic with them. He supports … Continue reading

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Wrong answer

I like Herman Cain. Not as a candidate but as a person. But this is a major unforced error: Herman Cain: Sure, I can see myself releasing everyone at Gitmo in exchange for one U.S. POW There is a reason … Continue reading

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Racists among us

Bob Somerby: We were struck by something else on last night’s Cooper 360 show, though tape doesn’t seem to be available. We were struck by interviews CNN did with some Herman Cain supporters in Humphreys County, Tennessee (population 17,000). We … Continue reading

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Dudebro OWS

I was afraid of this. Occupy Cleveland protestor told police she was raped in tent A Occupy Cleveland protestor camping out over the weekend told Cleveland police that she was raped. The 19-year-old woman claimed that she was sexually assaulted … Continue reading

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The New Hope

Last Sunday when Jason Campbell left the game cradling his throwing arm the Raiders’ whole season flashed before my eyes. His back-up (Kyle Boller aka Mr. Carrie Prejean) is one of those guys whose potential has never turned into reality. … Continue reading

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They haven’t been assimilated yet

Obama nixes parley with ‘Occupy’ activists President Obama has taken nearly every opportunity lately to express support for the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, but he failed to meet with some of the movement’s activists when he had the chance on … Continue reading

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Racism isn’t going away, it’s getting stealthier

Everybody’s favorite race-card dealer: With the national debt and its effect on the economy being the top issue of the 2012 campaign, the panel today on Up with Chris Hayes debated the various merits of the Republicans’ tax plans, and … Continue reading

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