Eat like a 1 percenter

Protest mob is enjoying rich diet

They may sleep in the park, but they eat like kings.

Hundreds of grimy protesters laying siege to Wall Street and stuffed into the now-smelly Zuccotti Park dine each night on gourmet meals prepared by a former hotel chef using only the finest organic ingredients.

“We’re running a five-star restaurant down there,’’ crowed Eric Smith, 38, the ex-le Chef de Tournant at the Sheraton in Midtown, who works out of a soup kitchen in East New York, Brooklyn, churning out the meals for more than 1,000 protesters every day.

“The other day, we made some wonderful salmon cakes with dill sauce and some quinoa salad and a wonderful tomato salad with fennel and red onion,’’ he said.

“We use organic, grass-fed meats, and the other day, we made a wonderful fried rice and root vegetables and all kinds of soup.”

So last night, for example, while your family of four may have been forced to resort to Hamburger Helper, thanks to Smith’s culinary magic, hordes of Occupy Wall Street protesters instead feasted on organic chicken, spaghetti Bolognese, roasted beet and sheep’s milk-cheese salad and wild heirloom potatoes.

Most of the produce, grass-fed meat and organic chicken is donated from small organic farms upstate, including Northland Sheep Dairy, West Haven Farm and Wide Awake Bakery in Ithaca, and several farms in Connecticut and Vermont.

I’ll have the grilled veal with porcini mushroom dust.

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14 Responses to Eat like a 1 percenter

  1. crawdad says:

    What, no Wagyu beef?

  2. DAMN IT! On Sunday I roasted a chicken. On Monday we had open faced hot chicken sandwiches. Yesterday I turned the rest into stew- which we had with biscuits. Froze the rest and will take it out for pot pie next week.
    Roasted beet and sheep’s milk cheese (why don’t they just say Feta?) Damn, sounds like some good eats up there!
    Is that chef angling for a White House kitchen gig?

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Protesting is Hard Work ! A**holes!! What a mixed and disturbing message.

    Too bad these food resources aren’t being directed to the truly needy and deserving. (working poor, disabled and elderly on fixed incomes).

    Every peace, tea party, pro-choice and civil rights marcher, and Yearly Kos attendee should be thoroughly disgusted by this. We paid our own way. Grrrrrr.

    • myiq2xu says:

      Too bad these food resources aren’t being directed to the truly needy and deserving. (working poor, disabled and elderly on fixed incomes).

      The homeless and mentally ill.

  4. DeniseVB says:

    Oh, and in my perfect world, the AP would start fact checking Obama, mmm’kay. (sorry, link from Beckistan, fact checks from AP)

  5. Mimi says:

    Wild potatoes? Are these imported from South America in the Andes? Who is paying for this pricey grub? I guess he ran out of truffles.

  6. Jeffhas says:

    “I’ll have the grilled veal with porcini mushroom dust.“

    You are an evil little clown…

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