Character assassination by association

This isn’t as bad as the last volley, but it’s still ugly:

Perry Campaign Chartered a Plane Used in Drug-Smuggling Ring

The campaign of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, which said Wednesday it had underpaid wealthy donors for use of their private jets, has another ticklish plane problem.

For a campaign swing that started late last month, Mr. Perry’s campaign chartered a Gulfstream III owned by a California Mexican-food company, Marquez Brothers International, according to flight records and a Marquez Brothers executive.

The same plane was used in a major cocaine-smuggling ring involving a well-known hip-hop music executive that was busted by federal officials last November, according to federal court filings.

A pilot who flew the Marquez Brothers plane was among those who have pleaded guilty in the scheme, in which the jet was among those allegedly used to fly drugs and cash between Los Angeles and Baltimore. Ricky James Brascom, the hip-hop executive, also has pleaded guilty.

Most people skim headlines. So if they do they will probably miss this part:

There is nothing to indicate the Perry campaign knew about the plane’s prior history. Perry spokesman Mark Miner said the campaign had no knowledge of the plane’s history. “We were chartering a plane and not aware of any of the plane’s previous flights,” he said.

I went to school with a serial killer. It was a big school, he was a grade behind me and we didn’t have any classes together. I probably passed him in the hall a few times though.

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11 Responses to Character assassination by association

  1. myiq2xu says:

    I must confess:

    I have purchased Marquez Brothers’ products on many occasions.

  2. kk says:

    OT but now RD & Co are pissing on the third world…She is the’s such a shame.. like watching a train wreck

    • Mary says:

      It sure is.

      RD’s comment to our friend elliesmom:

      “Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable back at the crawdad hole where you can talk amongst your similarly uninformed useful idiots of the right wing?”

      She’s deteriorating more and more each day. It’s pathetic.

      • myiq2xu says:

        It’s her blog, she can say what she wants.

        • Lola-at-Large says:

          Of course she can. And we’re free to mercilessly mock her idiocy. I don’t normally, because I haven’t commented there since she went crazy over the tea parties and why give an asshole attention, but I think it’s okay if others do. She’s certainly mocking you mercilessly by name in comments.

        • Mary says:

          And I can say whatever I want in defense of elliesmom.

          It is, indeed, a free country. God Bless America!

  3. HELENK says:

    just to cheer things up

    At uppity’s place there is a post about tomorrow’s rapture.
    There is a recipe for a drink that even if you do not get raptured, after one you will be too drunk to know the difference

    the rapture

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