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Bizarro Tea Party

When the Tea Party started, their enemies had two reactions. They derided it publicly as fake and selfish and probably racist. They privately tried to figure out how in the hell to do it themselves. The Tea Party seemed to … Continue reading

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“They can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t love it”

Words fail. You really have to listen to this guy explain how the OWS drummers think. Gothamist: Drummers At Occupy Wall Street Demand $8,000 At General Assembly Last night’s General Assembly meeting in Zuccotti Park was “one of most contentious … Continue reading

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Obama vs. Romney – vote “none of the above”

Tea Party Nation poll shows 52 percent will vote for Romney if he is GOP nominee Most self-affiliated members of Tea Party Nation, one of the largest national organizations for the grassroots conservative movement, would vote for Mitt Romney as … Continue reading

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No consensus yet

Occupy Wall Street backed by 37 percent of Americans, poll says Just 37 percent of Americans say they support the Occupy Wall Street movement exploding across the country, a new poll Friday shows. Although there is not widespread backing of … Continue reading

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And Michelle really shops at Target too!

Obama Has Written Personal Checks To Struggling Americans Got problems? Tell Barack Obama. He can help. He might even give you money. On more than one occasion, the president has cut personal checks to struggling Americans who’ve written to the … Continue reading

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Mother of the Year

Florida banker’s wife left family to join Wall Street protesters A married mother of four from Florida ditched her family to become part of the raggedy mob in Zuccotti Park — keeping the park clean by day and keeping herself … Continue reading

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At least he didn’t pat her ass and call her “sweetie”

Politico: Gov. Brewer: Obama ‘lectured me’ Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer skewers President Barack Obama in a new book, saying the president was “patronizing” and “condescending” when she met him at the White House last summer. “We sat down and started … Continue reading

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We interrupt your OWSpectacle for some current-events commentary from  Sarah Palin. She was on Hannity last night and gave her opinion on Libya (echoing what many of us wonder), and had kind words for Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, … Continue reading

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Anarchy Park*

The Organizers vs. the Organized in Zuccotti Park All occupiers are equal — but some occupiers are more equal than others. In wind-whipped Zuccotti Park, new divisions and hierarchies are threatening to upend Occupy Wall Street and its leaderless collective. … Continue reading

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“They are defecating on our doorsteps!”

Angry Manhattan residents lambast Zuccotti Park protesters Infuriated lower Manhattan residents went ballistic on Zuccotti Park protesters at a chaotic Community Board 1 meeting tonight while blasting politicians for allowing the siege to continue without any end in sight. “They … Continue reading

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Who is Mr. Neblett and why does he hate Herman Cain?

Time: Is Herman Cain the Most Unctuous Black Man Alive? Why the Hermanator experience is making me sick By Touré Yeah, if my last name was Neblett I’d try to keep it a secret too. This presidential election has not … Continue reading

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