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Occupy Wall Street backed by 37 percent of Americans, poll says

Just 37 percent of Americans say they support the Occupy Wall Street movement exploding across the country, a new poll Friday shows.

Although there is not widespread backing of the protests in New York and other cities around the United States, over half — 58 percent — say they are angry about the nation’s political situation, according to the Associated Press-GfK poll. In January, 49 percent said they felt furious when they thought about U.S. politics.

While many say politics makes them angry, even more — nine out of 10 — say the political situation frustrates them, the AP wrote. Almost the same number told pollsters they are disappointed with the nation’s politics.

The problem is that all those pissed-off people aren’t pissed-off at the same things.

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8 Responses to No consensus yet

  1. crawdad says:

    9 out of 10 still isn’t 99%

  2. Mary says:

    One can be frustrated, angry, disillusioned by Obama’s failed policies and crappy leadership, and still want nothing to do with the dingbats at OWS.

    But you’re right….they’re not all pissed-off at the same things.

    I still think it’ll be an Anybody But Obama election. But that’s just me.

  3. WMCB says:

    The breakdown was 31% Dem and 23% R – pretty skewed. Since Dems support OWS at 64% vs. 14% for R’s, that affects it right there.

    Strong support is at 17%. The other 20% is “moderate”, which could mean anything from disagreeing but thinking it’s good for people to exercise their right to protest, to agreeing with parts but not all.

  4. yttik says:

    “The problem is that all those pissed-off people aren’t pissed-off at the same things.”

    I think we are pretty much all pissed off about the same things. What we differ on is how to fix them. Nobody is happy about the economy, about crony capitalism, about the bailouts, the unemployment numbers, the increased cost of tuition.

    That poll is also really skewed. I mean, I would say I support the Occupiers because I support anybody finding their voice and exercising their free speech rights. I also happen to think they’re nuts, they’re confused, and their agenda is way off base. LOL, that does not mean I hate them or I watch Fox news, and it also doesn’t mean that I advocate arresting them all or shutting down the protests. So you could count me in the group that “somewhat” supports the Occupiers.

  5. DeniseVB says:

    As Sarah sez: Polls are for strippers and x-country skiers.

    • kk says:


    • WMCB says:

      I don’t trust any poll as to hard numbers of support/oppose. The thing polls are useful for is to show movement – support rising or falling – IF it’s the same poll with the same crosstabs.

  6. Catfish says:

    Good thing they didn’t get involved in politics. Something like this couldn’t have catalysed a mass movement, no way…YAY!!! GO 99%!!!!!

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