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Burning out his fuse up here alone

The Cards are beating the Rangers. The Klown is drunk again. What are you doing?

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Slow News Saturday Open Thread

The news is slow today so I’m gonna rent a movie. I’ve been waiting for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie (On Stranger Tides) since I first heard about it. I first read the book on which it was … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon Open Thread

The peace was nice, but I miss the prosperity the most. (via Legal Insurrection)

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Shlock News

Another unbiased MSNBC daytime reporter. Bruce Bartlett has been using his “I was a supply-sider in the 80s” Republican credentials to go after Republicans for the last 5 years. Recently, he called Rick Perry an idiot. Now, he takes on … Continue reading

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The Montgomery Bus Boycott

In 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama just about everything was segregated, including the municipal bus lines. Wikipedia: Under the system of segregation used on Montgomery buses, white people who boarded the bus took seats in the front rows, filling the bus … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin says “Wake up, America”

You didn’t really think she was gonna go away, did you? American Crony Capitalism Brings Jobs to Finland Yesterday, another shoe dropped in the chronicles of the Obama administration’s crony capitalism. A start-up electric car company with ties to Al … Continue reading

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This is NOT democracy in action

This is mob rule. Daily Pennsylvanian: Protesters storm campus after Cantor cancels visit Cantor’s office was told Thursday that Penn security was welcoming protesters Amid Occupy Philadelphia protesters and discrepancies in the attendance policy, United States House Majority Leader Eric … Continue reading

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