This is NOT democracy in action

This is mob rule.

Daily Pennsylvanian:

Protesters storm campus after Cantor cancels visit
Cantor’s office was told Thursday that Penn security was welcoming protesters

Amid Occupy Philadelphia protesters and discrepancies in the attendance policy, United States House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) canceled his Wharton Leadership Lecture slated for Friday, Oct. 21 at 4:30 p.m. Cantor had planned to speak at Huntsman Hall about income inequality.


His absence didn’t deter activists, however, who assembled inside and outside Huntsman.

“It appears [Cantor] doesn’t want to talk to the 99 percent,” said Jamie Mondics of advocacy group Keystone Progress, after learning of the canceled speech.


DPS spokesman Stef Karp estimated that about 500 demonstrators were at the protest.

Protesters entered Huntsman by force through Au Bon Pain and occupied the lobby, shouting chants such as “Eric Cantor, come out, come out wherever you are” and “We are the 99 percent.”

DPS officers “formed a human chain to make sure they couldn’t come into Wharton, into Hunstman,” past the lobby, Rush said.

“As long as they don’t disrupt anyone, they’re allowed here,” said a DPS official on the scene, adding that no arrests were made.

“We gave them the opportunity to speak their piece,” Rush said.

As the protesters sang chants in call-and-response, most college students looked on in disbelief around the outskirts of the group.


The speech was scheduled several months ago and was to be open to members of the press and the Penn community.


Friday morning, Cantor’s office learned of the anticipated protesters through press reports.

About 500 to 1,000 protesters affiliated with Occupy Philadelphia planned to march from City Hall to Locust Walk in front of Huntsman to protest Cantor’s presence, according to Keystone Progress Executive Director Michael Morrill.


“I think it’s a shame that a speech at a university should not occur because of some fear that there will be skeptics and critics in the audience,” said English professor Al Filreis, who signed a statement expressing solidarity for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Filreis added, “Clearly, the reason he canceled was that he wanted to speak to a friendly audience, and not one that would ask him difficult questions.

Cantor was giving a speech, not holding a townhall or a press conference. The protesters were not going there to listen to him. They weren’t going there to peacefully protest outside Huntsman Hall.

They went there to disrupt his speech. Had it not been canceled they would likely have succeeded. This has become a common tactic on college campuses.

I’ve never liked this bullshit. The protesters were not exercising their free speech rights. They were trying to stop someone else from exercising theirs.

What about the rights of the people that wanted to hear the speech?

Democracy isn’t just about asserting YOUR rights. It’s about respecting the rights of others too.

We all have a right to speak, but none of us has a right to force others to listen, nor do we have a right to stop them from speaking.

We have a right to use public space, but we don’t have a right to commandeer it for our exclusive use. We have to share it, and abide by reasonable rules governing its use.

That’s democracy in action.

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16 Responses to This is NOT democracy in action

  1. catarina says:

    Perhaps the Occupiers will target an Obama event next.

    Nah, probably not.

    • Murphy says:

      Yup. But the Tea Partiers might, especially after seeing these videos. This could get interesting if we end up with a proxy mob war between tea partiers and occupiers.

      TP-ers may hate may hate moderate republicans, but they hate obama and his followers waay more.

      (though tea partiers rarely if ever act like mobs. Though that could change.)

    • foxyladi14 says:

      never happen. 🙂

  2. DeniseVB says:

    I’m not an O’Reilly fan, but this is just wrong……

    Billo raises a lot of money for troops’ projects.

    • myiq2xu says:

      If you don’t like a book (or its author) then DON’T READ IT.

    • 1539days says:

      If I remember correctly, O’Reilly does this thing where anyone who buys one of his robo-signed copies of his book also gets one sent to the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The “jerk” who sent a box of his books was probably O’Reilly himself. I have no idea what the circumstances were. Maybe no one wanted to read it. Maybe people already had copies. It may have even been necessary to burn unwanted copies. The guy who was gleefully burning them could probably find a nice Taliban book burning when his is over.

      • parentofed says:

        Perhaps I’ve missed a caveat from him that he auto-signs certain books at certain times, but I’ve heard O’Reilly say he personally signs his books. Perhaps that’s not the universal statement I interpreted.

        Whatever you think of O’Reilly, he is very supportive of the troops with his time and money, and holds charities to high standards. I make regular donations to WWP strictly due to his vouching for them.

        O’Reilly reminds me of a good public library – something to offend everyone, something to please everyone.

    • djmm says:

      Whenangry mobs burned his books, Kahlil Gibran just said, “Hmmm. Time for a new edition.”


  3. 1539days says:


    Remember when Tea Party members who belonged to a Congressional district went to a town hall to protest Obamacare? They waited in line and challenged the politicians. The media treated this as some sort of assault. Some of the politicians even derided the Tea Partiers. Even when there were protests, most were outside the town halls.

    Right now, it seems like they got bored with the Coffee Party strategy and are moving on to the Wisconsin strategy.

  4. Mary says:

    OT: Ace reporting that Lech Walesa has changed his mind about supporting OWS, and will not be appearing at the NY version of same.

    “President Lech Walesa is not going to get involved with the OWS. He is not comfortable with the “organizations” behind the movement. It was not a difficult decision.”

    Confirmation, myiq. And Lech Walesa is no rightwing ratfucking Beckistanian. 🙂

  5. 1539days says:

    The OWS holdouts are now resorting to Baghdad Bob tactics. Show pictures of a few age and racially mixed groups standing together in proud solidarity. Throw in a few puppies and babies. Then call all the thieves, criminals and trouble makers Fox employees.

    Kool-aid is a helluva drug.

    • Mary says:

      LOL Lotta pictures of babies and puppies on her blog yesterday.

      No mention of rapes, violence, threats, thefts, guns and knives, anarchists, or anything negative.

      Babies and puppies.


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