Sunday Evening Open Thread

It’s 1-0 Texas in the 4th. What are you watching?

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17 Responses to Sunday Evening Open Thread

  1. catarina says:

    get down from there!

  2. insanelysane says:

    Raiders Lost?? !

    No, it was much worse than that.
    They beat themselves up with all the penaltys and the 6
    interceptions…several at the goal line.

    Ugly loss. Both QBs had brilliance and dismal WTF moments.

  3. kc says:

    Watched the Miami-Tebow game. Very boring until the end. Now the world series–hope Texas wins tonight just to draw it out longer.

  4. Lola-at-Large says:

    I found the mascot for OWS:

    You are totally welcome. I hope you use it in a post tomorrow. 😀

    • Three Wickets says:

      Been wondering where Occupy San Francisco was. Most expensive realestate in the country, you’d think the 99% would want to occupy it…specially with MoJo and Salon and MoveOn and Tides and Markos based in San Francisco.

      Anyway, this let the people print money spiel is not bad. Actually the Fed as well as some economists have been kicking something like this around…quantitative easing with what they’ve been calling “helicopter drops” directly to consumers instead of to large banks and money markets which will always favor large and institutional investors (who’ve taken the easy cash and are mainly sitting on it). Institutional investors are the ones who look after people’s pensions, retirement savings, insurance funds etc. If the Fed does make another move beyond the current QE 2.5, it will probably take the form of some more direct purchases of mortgage bundles to help with refinancings and ease foreclosures. The Treasury’s hands are tied by Congress these days to do anything useful. And Republicans continue to obsess about inflation, capital preservation, and want more tax cuts.

    • DeniseVB says:

      My kids used to think money was made at ATM machines.

  5. HELENK says:

    an article that I hope will be read and remembered as our troops come home

  6. HELENK says:

    when did we lose our at one time great education system?

  7. kc says:

    education became a business–take their money and throw a degree at them.

  8. HELENK says:

    gag me with a spoon material

    meeechele is writing a book about her white house garden

    • DeniseVB says:

      The National Parks Service maintains that garden, she just uses it for photo ops. She’ll have a ghost writer, or a lot of help from her 22 assistants. Nice release timing for Campaign WTF 😉

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