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World Series Open Thread

I got the game on. What are y’all doing?

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Raising a stink

Chemical bomb tossed into Occupy Maine encampment Occupy Maine protesters say Sunday morning’s attack with a chemical explosive has left them with a mixture of anxiety and resolve. “We are more motivated to keep doing what we’re doing,” said Stephanie … Continue reading

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Wikileaks is Wikipoor

WikiLeaks’ money woes brings end to leak of secrets The whistleblowing website set up by Julian Assange said that it is temporarily suspending publication of leaks to fight a “blockade” by credit card companies. The refusal to accept donations has … Continue reading

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Grizzly Fest Online

The thing about grizzlies, it turns out they are not so good at going back to sleep after their hibernation has been interrupted. Just look at the Palin supporters. One would predict that a couple of weeks after Sarah Palin … Continue reading

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Study: 1 in 6 Cell Phones Contaminated With Fecal Matter What’s on your smartphone? Probably fecal matter, according to new research by London scientists. That’s right, poop — on your phone. If it’s on your phone, it’s very likely on … Continue reading

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Unintended consequences

Shootings way up in two weeks Bullets are flying over Broadway — and everywhere else in the city. The number of people shot surged 154 percent two weeks ago — to 56 from 22 over the same week last year … Continue reading

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Blogging is my hobby

Blogging is my hobby. I don’t get paid for doing this. That means I do it for fun and pleasure. It also means I don’t have to put up with anyone who makes my blogging experience unpleasant. So if you … Continue reading

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