Study: 1 in 6 Cell Phones Contaminated With Fecal Matter

What’s on your smartphone? Probably fecal matter, according to new research by London scientists.

That’s right, poop — on your phone. If it’s on your phone, it’s very likely on your hands too, say researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary, University of London.

Researchers analyzed 780 swab samples — 390 from mobile phones and 390 from the hands that used them — in 12 U.K. cities. They found that 16% of both hands and phones were contaminated with E. coli, potentially illness-causing bacteria that is fecal in origin. The likely reason: because people don’t wash their hands after using the toilet.

I’m never shaking hands with anybody again.

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8 Responses to Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww!

  1. DeniseVB says:

    I bet Clorox anti-bacterial wipes funded the study 😉

    And speaking of healthy environments, I noticed The Nation is liveblogging Occupadoes from around the country. Pretty interesting read, even giving a shout out to a conservative video. Me likes fair and balanced.

    Now what is it they want again?

  2. yttik says:

    LOL, my phone went dead this summer and I had to meet somebody. It’s astounding how fast pay phones have become obsolete! Anyway, after hiking about 8 blocks I found an actual working phone in the worst possible part of town. There were three drunks sleeping on the ground in front of it, one who had vomited on the sidewalk and the whole phone was covered in some mysterious slime, but I was desperate. I kid you not, I had to go in to a mini mart and buy a pair of rubber gloves and some wipes and then try to use the phone without actually touching it or stepping in the vomit on the ground. While I was talking, one drunk got up and proceeded to simply urinate on the wall.

    So why do I share this horror with you? Because I keep thinking of these utopian visions about “we the people” and laughing because “the people” can be pretty damn disgusting. I mean really, have you ever met “the people?” Try working with the general public. It’s a rude awakening.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Ickiest experience for me was watching the NYC 4th of July fireworks on the East River, in a dump behind public housing. We had to get there about 6 hours early for a good spot. Was surprised how comfy thrown away mattresses and seat cushions could be after a few hours of sitting on the hard ground. Eeeeewwwwww. I lived to tell about it 😉

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Sexy time at Utopia…..sorry, no photos 😀

    Remember Nick@Nite from the Occupy jobs list ? You can meet him here.

  4. Jeffhas says:

    Can you imagine how much (and where?) fecal-e.coli-crap was around before Sanitizing Gel and Disinfecting Wipes?

    I think it helps to build your immune system to meet the scurvies every day rather than trying to eradicate them before they come within your delicate-flower-like interiors.

    Well, that’s my theory, and I’m stickin’ with it….

  5. Dario says:

    Bowing like the Japanese, or simply placing hands in a prayer fashion and bowing the head like the Thai makes more sense than shaking hands. I avoid shaking hands and believe it’s an unhealthy habit.

  6. DandyTiger says:

    I think I might have to stop licking my phones. 🙂

  7. 1539days says:

    I watch Mythbusters. There’s fecal matter on everything. Forget abut washing our hands in the bathroom if you touch the handle on the way out.

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