Unintended consequences

Shootings way up in two weeks

Bullets are flying over Broadway — and everywhere else in the city.

The number of people shot surged 154 percent two weeks ago — to 56 from 22 over the same week last year — and spiked 28 percent in the last month.

Last week tallied another increase in victims — 22 people had been hit through Friday, including the three victims gunned down outside a Brooklyn school Friday.

Last year, only 17 shooting victims were logged for the entire week.

The recent gunplay has now pushed the number of shooting victims this year slightly above last year’s tragic tally — to 1,484 from 1,451 — through Oct. 16.

Four high-ranking cops point the finger at Occupy Wall Street protesters, saying their rallies pull special crime-fighting units away from the hot zones where they’re needed.

Since Occupy Wall Street took over Zuccotti Park on Sept. 17, the NYPD has relied heavily on its borough task forces, the department’s go-to teams for rowdy crowds.

But such protest duty takes the special units away from their regular jobs — patrolling public housing and problem spots and staking out nightclubs plagued by violence, supervisors said.

“Normally, the task force is used in high-crime neighborhoods where you have a lot of shootings and robberies,” said one source.

“They are always used when there are spikes in crime as a quick fix. But instead of being sent to Jamaica, Brownsville and the South Bronx, they are in Wall Street.”

So far the NYPD has spent $3 million in police salaries and overtime dealing with OWS. Most of that is coming from the 99% that OWS claims to represent.

(h/t Verum Serum)

(Day by Day by Chris Muir)

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28 Responses to Unintended consequences

  1. votermom says:

    This prove that the violent criminals are not in Zucotti Park! /owser

    This suggests that the syndicates are funding the OWS as a distraction from their criminal activities! /conspiracy-er

    People acting like idiots always end up causing someone else grief somewhere! / commonsenser

  2. DandyTiger says:

    I’m fine with people protesting, as long as they understand likely consequences to themselves (jail, etc.) and likely consequences because of their presence (police resources, collateral damage, etc.). Bringing important issues to the masses can be worth some trouble, so marches, sit-ins, etc. can easily be worth it.

    But in this case we have vague issues and unlike many marches and sit-ins and the like, we have a long term protest. So we have orders of magnitude more trouble and consequences because of the long term nature, but incoherent issues at best. They even admit part of their long term effort is to work out their issues to be presented.

  3. HELENK says:

    here is another unintended consequence
    Ill law allows teacher union official to work ONE day as a teacher and get $100k per year in pensions


    • Susan says:

      OMG, that’s just horrible! Thank God Republicans have never done anything like that and taxpayers can feel safe voting for the one party, the sweet GOP, who’s never screwed over the American taxpayer!

  4. HELENK says:

    do you think the ows bunch should protest in Saudi Arabia?
    they seem to be making money more than we are


  5. HELENK says:

    a really interesting look at history and it seems to be repeating itself now


  6. I remember when you guys were rightfully making fun for the media blaming Sarah Palin for excess press coverage and possible traffic jams caused by that…
    So, let’s see: OWS is guilty because Bloomberg is overreacting and puts unnecessary police force on them. Yes, that’s the ticket! And NY Post as your source – priceless!
    Unintended hilarity ensues….

    • myiq2xu says:

      I remember when people dismissed reports that John Edwards was cheating on his wife because the source was the National Enquirer.

    • WMCB says:

      Yeah, because no other publication in the country has reported on statements that the occupy protests are putting a strain on local police and infrastructure, costing a lot, and negatively impacting small business and ordinary citizens. It’s not like there are lots and lots of reports of that. Just one single story from the NY post, who pulled it out of their ass.

      And your Palin analogy is the thing that’s unintended hilarity. Because as I recall, Palin never tried to cause a disturbance, nor camped out anywhere for weeks after refusing to get a permit or arrange for sanitation. Also, no one at a Palin event ever went out of their way to verbally taunt and charge the police, jump barricades, refuse lawful orders, and openly PLAN to get arrested.

      • Susan says:

        Didn’t Palin just recently call for businesses to refrain from hiring new employees even if the magnitude of their business warranted it? That seems to be a pretty disruptive call to action to me. Denying people employment and businesses income as a political weapon is not the most moral, procapitalist, pro-American position I can think of.

    • Karma says:

      Speaking of unintended hilarity. Is Bloomberg overreacting and helping the media sell the OWS protest? Or is OWS an actual threat to Wall St and he is reacting in good faith? Kinda hard to accuse him of overreacting when you are also selling the legitimacy of OWS and its threat to the system.

      Because every person/celebrity that goes to OWS, reports that they are surprised that it’s smaller than they thought it would be. Doesn’t it bother you that the same media that sold Obama, Dubya, WMDs, the Iraq war, and kneecapped Hillary, is lying about OWS?

      Does that pass the smell test for you? The same media that conned all of those kids to vote for Mr Wall St and think it was their small donations that pushed him to be the Billion dollar purity candidate…is now selling OWS?

    • WMCB says:

      Does it bother you that many of the same journalists who had their secret “journolister” email list to push Obama in the media in 2008 are now doing the same thing with OWS, with similar behind the scenes communicating?

      The fact that many people there are very sincere does not make it okay. Many many Obots were very sincere as well. It didn’t stop them from being lied to and used.

  7. Karma says:

    One move that would show some sense of being a member of the 99%. Is to have a GA and ‘Twinkles up ‘not trying to provoke police so they can take some officers off the street theater protest.

    That OWS might show some concern for actual deaths instead of the debt slave analogies over student debt….ugh.

    And for being soooo smart they seem very clueless about the optics created with that type of statement. Voluntarily signing for a student loan doesn’t make you a slave. Attempting to use offensive rhetoric to create sympathy should hit the mark and this doesn’t. No matter how hard they try.

  8. HELENK says:

    New York Times reporter helping organize OWS.
    Are reporters supposed to report the news or create the news?


    • HELENK says:

      a great quote from one of the comments

      I believe it was the late, great Al Capp, creator of the comic stip Li’l Abner, who called such people SWINE; Students Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything.

      • yttik says:

        LOL! “SWINE,” that’s a good one.

        Maybe I’m just getting too old now, but the young seem so privileged and so pissed off about everything they have.

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