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Big protesters don’t cry

SFGate: Police tear gas Occupy Oakland protesters Police fired tear gas Tuesday night into a crowd of several hundred protesters backing the Occupy movement who were seeking to retake an encampment outside Oakland City Hall that officers had cleared away … Continue reading

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Assault and witness intimidation at Zuccotti Park

3 Men Sought in Zuccotti Park Death Threat Two days after a man accused of assaulting three female protesters in Zuccotti Park was arrested, some friends of his threatened to kill the woman who had filed the complaint that led … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern Caliphation

One of the strange things I’ve seen lately is the willingness of Democrats to cheer Jackass’ hits on various leaders (or the occasional American citizen). Not only that, but they insist that their newly acquired taste for blood extend to … Continue reading

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F**king protesters

No, seriously. Gothamist: Protesters Having Sex, Losing Virginity At Occupy Wall Street As the Occupy Wall Street movement faces internal rifts about how to handle money, there’s another issue that has been cropping up: Doing the nasty. Metropolis reports, “Outdoor … Continue reading

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I don’t care if he’s batshit crazy

I’m voting for Ron Paul: “If your spiritual life, which is a serious responsibility, and your intellectual life is a serious responsibility, why is it that if we assume you can have free decisions there, why shouldn’t you have free … Continue reading

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Muy estupido

Peter Beinart: Why the GOP Demonizes ‘Illegals’ The use of ‘illegals’ as a noun by Romney and other Republicans is just the latest example of politicians using euphemisms to signal antipathy to an ethnic group—in this case, Latinos. I turned … Continue reading

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The 3 Rs in a nutshell: Repression, Revolution, Reform

Some basics that commonsense objective observers of human history should know by now: Chaos is at the natural state of things. Entropy decrees it. Mankind imposes order and structure on chaos which is how civilizations arise. Energy, which in politics … Continue reading

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No more Lord of the Flies in Oakland

SFGate: Cops arrest Occupy Oakland protesters Oakland police arrested dozens of people at a plaza outside City Hall and at a second, smaller camp nearby, two weeks after the protesters launched their efforts as part of the Occupy Wall Street … Continue reading

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Drum and Bagel Corps

Via Hot Air: Monday Night Urgent OWS Message A trusted friend and respected activist sent the following notes, explaining that the Occupy movement may be about to lose Zuccotti Park and that a much larger presence is needed starting tonight. … Continue reading

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