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The Smoking Man

Mark Block may be more famous than some of the Republican candidates. He’s Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff and he likes to light one up outside a building. In the 1990s, a Canadian actor named William B. Davis was identified … Continue reading

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Why are the Republicans enjoying this?

If OWS is Obamanation minus Obama, why are the Republicans loving every minute of it? OTOH, the Tea Party has been pretty quiet lately. Think about it.

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Why don’t they blame Barack?

Hot Air: The little tent cities they’ve created resemble nothing so much as they resemble … Hoovervilles. Sure, most of the protesters aren’t homeless, but many are jobless — and that’s the point. Whatever they say it is they’re protesting, … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in ‘Occupy’ Movement The former New York office for ACORN, the disbanded community activist group, is playing a key role in the self-proclaimed “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement, organizing “guerrilla” protest events and hiring … Continue reading

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OWS is so 15 minutes ago

New risk for Occupy Wall Street: less media interest “Occupy Wall Street” is occupying less space in TV broadcasts, newspapers and social media as the story settles into a familiar pattern and protesters dig in for what could be a … Continue reading

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Like chumming for sharks in a swimming area

Rikers cons flood Zuccotti for free eats Newly sprung ex-cons and vagrants rousted from other parks are crashing the Occupy Wall Street protest, where gourmet meals are free and boozy, drug­fueled parties are on tap, the movement’s leaders griped yesterday. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Hillary!

Happy Birthday! And for the record, we STILL need you! In the Oval Office! More than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Occam’s Razor

Joseph Cannon, quoting another blog: The occupiers aren’t really into irrational hatred. But Fox News knows how to excite an audience. Hire a few. They don’t have to be ignorant anti-semitic bigots. They just need to play one on TV. … Continue reading

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