The Smoking Man

Mark Block may be more famous than some of the Republican candidates. He’s Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff and he likes to light one up outside a building.

In the 1990s, a Canadian actor named William B. Davis was identified by a habit his character displayed on “The X Files.” At that time, it indicated a certain untouchable quality that a man could smoke in generally smoke-free government buildings. Now, smoking itself is an anachronism. You can’t do it in most parks in New York City, except if you’re a mayor-approved squatter.

Now, any polished, professional presidential campaign would never show a smoker on-screen, smoking. Mitt Romney would certainly never have smoking in his ads. He would even stop smoking just because he wants to be president that bad. President Obama just lies about quitting, then sneaks a puff when no one is allowed to look. We all know what America looks like in a political ad. There’s an old white guy, a young woman, a middle-aged black guy. There may be a young Hispanic. You might even get an Asian or an Indian if you’re lucky.

Mitt Romney’s videos on YouTube are pretty boiler plate. His people make sure most of the comments are either anti-Obama or pro-Romeny. Rick Perry has hired Tim Pawlenty’s cinematic ad team. Those videos don’t seem to allow comments at all. Cain’s videos, in keeping with the outlaw nature of his campaign, seem to let many comments stand, which also tends to make his critics look like fools. Then again, his shoe string budget ad was the one to make it on news and entertainment shows yesterday.

If Cain has the ability to get support, the money and organization will come. In 2004, John Kerry took out a $6 million mortgage on one of his homes in the last days of the Iowa caucus. When he won with less than a majority, most of the Democratic Party fell behind him immediately. If Herman Cain wins Iowa or New Hampshire, Republicans will be falling over themselves trying to give him money or get hired. By then, he’ll still have the better part of a year to win the nomination.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

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12 Responses to The Smoking Man

  1. HELENK says:

    for not spending a lot of money, he got tv time and internet time on this ad.
    So tell me again just how dumb is he??

  2. yttik says:

    Alright! Go Cain! I love the unconventional.

    The truth is out there.Trust no one. Cue the spooky music.: )

    • soupcity says:

      I want to believe…x files geek here!

      I gotta hand it to Cain, he really couldn’t care less what people say or think. If it doesn’t translate into the what. He’s taken a beating from a lot of people and taken it with a good amount of grace. Especially the young people who have no clue as to his experience, and have utter disrespect for it.

  3. Susan says:

    Ron Paul gets a lot of internet time, too. It’s not going to translate into the Republican nomination. I don’t think Cain’s smokin’ man will help him win the rightwing righteous that he needs, either.

  4. timothy2010 says:

    Way off topic and I will take no offense if this post is deleted,

    What effect would the passage of an ERA Amendment today have upon the implementation of Sharia Law within our borders? I am not a lawyer and not the most candescent (not a word) bulb in the candelabra but it seems to me that ERA would not allow a man to rebuke his wife or any women based upon gender with impunity. You would think that’s already the case but not so much.

    To you lawyers here i am just curious if the ERA passed would it trump freedom of religion in a court of law, Sharia has many instances in which you can beat your wife and as far as i can tell US judges have avoided the big question. Which is can a man OWN a woman. Sharia law says yes,
    Again i am a rather dim bulb and have no access to WestLaw or a legal education so i am simply asking if the ERA were passed today would it prohibit a woman from being as wife as property

  5. DandyTiger says:

    I like the ad. Creepy and weird in all the right ways.

  6. parentofed says:

    I liked the ad, too. Whatever you say about it, at least it wasn’t a same ol same ol talking point.

    BTW, it’s been uh, 35 years or so since I quit smoking -for the last time- and sometimes I get a whiff and miss the cigs so much.

    Of course, sometimes I get a whiff and start wheezing.

  7. Mary says:


    AP reporting that the Democrats on the Super Committee have offered a Grand Proposal similar to Obama’s Grand Bargain with Boehner: while the assigned goal is over $1.2 trillion in cuts by Nov 23, the new Dem proposal ups the ante to about $3 trillion.

    Details sketchy for now, but the 3 trillion will come from equal mix of cuts and revenue increases (taxes).

    Includes $400 billion MORE cuts in Medicare : half directly from benefits cuts and half from cuts to providers.

    Raising age from 65 to 67 not in current proposal, but negotiable in meetings.

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