Who is Joseph Stiglitz?

I really wanted to stop doing Occupy posts, but this is just too bothersome to me.

Last week, I was reading an old blog post of mine from April and poster turned Occupy drone ralphb had the following comment on my debt ceiling post.

It goes to the Joe Stiglitz Maxim: a government of the 1%, by the 1%, and for the 1%.

He’s generally right. In one article some time back, he wrote that economics was a failed profession which should be re-invented from the ground up. No matter what, I like Stiglitz.

Well, if this guy was talking 1% from a while back, I figured he must have something to do with OWS. Actually, Stiglitz is bigger than that. Besides being an economist who seems to hate every other economist (kind of like a less famous Paul Krugman) and he loves protesters.

From Wikipedia:

On July 25, 2011, Stiglitz participated to the “I Foro Social del 15M” organized in Madrid (Spain) expressing his support to the 2011 Spanish protests.

He also spoke at an Occupy rally back on October 2.

It turns out that Stiglitz shows up on the boards of a number of George Soros funded organizations. His economic theories call for more government ownership of the business and banking sectors, while he claims to oppose socialism.

The next time I read a post about Stiglitz, it linked to this article from the IMF (now with less rapists!) about the recovery in Iceland brought about by devaluing their currency (back door inflation) and by letting banks collapse. This has followed with something of a recovery, but while the poor are on a generous government dole, the middle class is saddled with foreign bank debt and devalued wages. Still, some people love this solution because it supposedly stuck it to the banks.

So, let’s take inadequate free-market capitalism, a putative denial of socialism, thumbs up to government control of the economy, the middle finger to bank bailouts and the lionization of street mobs. What do you get? Anarchy.

Here’s the trick. No one really wants anarchy. Some people want it for a while and they are the agitators. After a while, even those people get sick of people with no rules messing with them. Anarchy is, however, an excellent means to an end. The “smart” people are sick of the dumb people making the rules. Imposing order is hard in a democracy, because people get to choose all kinds of wrong things for themselves. You would need to break down society for the general public to accept that kind of order.

The Occupiers are already at the anarchy stage. Most cities have made minor concessions and are frequently thwarted anyway. Arrest them and your city spends a fortune on incarceration. Disperse them and they sue for millions. If this crap keeps going, you’ll see large-scale government crackdowns and the people will enjoy the spectacle. Then we have real old-time fascism.

Anyone who thinks that the average 53%er who pays taxes and thinks the protesters are a bunch of whiny kids is really some big money capitalist whip kisser, watch what happens when the real whips show up. This 0.01% calling themselves the 99% are the dupes for a much more sinister model of fascists waiting for the world to break down.

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13 Responses to Who is Joseph Stiglitz?

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Occupy’s wishlist includes a lot corporate items 😀


  2. HELENK says:

    this guy wrote this in 2002. does it sound familiar?


    • HELENK says:

      But then I read something else Graeber wrote that convinced me that not only was he telling the truth about his role as an organizer, but that his contribution to OWS likely extends much deeper. In an article entitled “The New Anarchists”, Graeber neatly outlined what is clearly the intellectual foundation for the OWS movement. And most striking of all, he wrote this in 2002:

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Finally, a scorecard as to who’s behind OWS:


    Key players in the Occupy Wall Street Movement

    1// Adbusters
    Canada’s Adbusters collective has made anti-consumerism hip through a glossy magazine and a wealth of stylish web materials; the organization co-issued the original Occupy Wall Street call to arms.

    2// Anonymous
    The loosely organized Anonymous collective, who co-issued Occupy Wall Street’s original call to arms, are “legion” and have risen from their 4chan roots to become one of the internet’s most impressive activist organizations.

    3// Jed Brandt
    Brandt, a veteran communist-leaning journalist from New York, spearheaded the Occupy Wall Street Journal‘s $50,000 fundraising drive on Kickstarter.

    4// Patrick Bruner
    Occupy Wall Street’s pointman for media has become a regular presence in the mainstream media.

    5// Day of Rage
    Aiming to “reclaim democracy,” the Day of Rage collective were one of the co-organizers of Occupy Wall Street.

    6// DC 37
    New York’s largest municipal employees union has thrown its weight behind Occupy Wall Street, guaranteeing massive local turnout of day-tripping city employees to protests.

    7// David Graeber
    Graeber, a prominent anthropologist and anarchist activist, played a key part in helping formulate the tactics that made Occupy Wall Street so successful.

    8// Richard Ianucci
    Ianucci, the president of the powerful New York State United Teachers union, was responsible for much of the turnout to Wednesday’s megamarch.

    9// New York City General Assembly
    The actual “leaders” of Occupy Wall Street, the General Assembly are a collective who make the decisions that make the large protest flow.

    • HELENK says:

      and here is more
      check out the Tides Foundation


  4. 1539days says:

    Anyone who tells you they’re an anarchist can’t be believed. If they are causing anarchy AND publicizing it, they have a bigger agenda in mind. Many people are too lazy to fix the system and others know their fix is far too unpopular to implement until anarchy has made the people crave order.

    The timing is impeccable. All these ersatz anarchists Obama palled around with knew their goals needed chaos to reign before people would accept the dissolution of government. What batter time to do it than when Obama is about to lose anyway?

    • yttik says:

      I’m just hoping that most of these people are just experimenting with anarchy. Ultimately these protests could be a good thing, if people come to realize that anarchy, heck even communal living, ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. I just hope people don’t get hurt in the process.

  5. votermom says:

    There is an alternate site to listen in to grizzly fest:

  6. ralphb says:

    So you don’t know who Joe Stiglitz is and want to post about economics? No wonder they’re such total bullshit.

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