False Identity

Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin and Herman Cain have something in common besides being conservative Republicans. Their existence threatens what Joseph Cannon calls the “unrelenting scourge of liberalism: Identity politics.”

Recently we have seen Operation Get Rubio, a “systematic collusion of media and other left-leaning organizations intent on the impeachment of Marco Rubio’s Hispanic authenticity.” For three years feminists have been attacking Sarah Palin and lately there have been numerous attacks on Herman Cain painting him as a race traitor and an Uncle Tom.

The modern Democratic party is basically a coalition of identity groups, including blacks, Hispanics, LGBT’s, feminists and union members. Each identity faction is represented by one or more advocacy groups such as NOW, the NAACP, and NCLR. The concept isn’t inherently bad – different factions working together for their mutual benefit – but in practice it is problematic.

In order to work not only must the coalition stay unified but the individual factions must remain cohesive. The easiest way to do this is to stress common issues. This is why the Democratic party emphasizes racism, homophobia, sexism and abortion. Palin, Rubio and Cain threaten that cohesiveness.

Sarah Palin calls herself a pro-life feminist. She is a successful, self-made woman. Except for her stance on abortion she should be a feminist icon. Instead she is vilified by feminist groups. What would it do to the message that the Republicans hate women if the GOP nominated a woman for president? But they can’t say that so feminists paint her out to be an incompetent fake and a gender traitor.

Rubio and Cain are having their authenticity challenged. Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants but the Democrats are trying to draw a distinction between “immigrant” and “exile.” They are also trying to create a narrative that he is dishonest if not criminal.

Like him or not, Herman Cain is an American success story. Born and raised in the segregated south, he attended an all-black college and then through hard work became a millionaire. He is the biggest threat to Democratic hegemony over black votes since the Civil Rights era.

If Cain became the GOP nominee next year and managed to win just 25% of the black vote he would crush Obama in the election. Unfortunately for the Democrats they only have one card to play – the race card.

Do they really want to argue that Barack Obama is more authentic than Herman Cain?

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11 Responses to False Identity

  1. yttik says:

    That’s a really good post.

    One problem with identity politics is that they’re based on victimization. So who is going to save you? The Dem party, of course. The problem is that your success then becomes a conflict of interest to what the party is selling. Palin, Rubio, Cain, are not just minorities, they’re self made and successful.They made it without depending on the Dem party to allegedly lift them up.

    This is why some people talk about escaping the “Dem plantation.” Their politics, their ideology, depends on keeping the narrative about the downtrodden, the huddled masses, being victimized and needing rescuing. If you escape, you become a serious threat. Rather then celebrate the fact that you managed to succeed in the world, they’ll attack you for being racist, stupid, brainwashed, not a real black person, a Beckinstani, a whip kisser, etc, etc.

    • DeniseVB says:

      As long as their message is “our bad is better than their bad” people will continue to vote for the plantation owners 😉

      How can they forget Obama’s positions on social issues which he evaded with dumbassery responses like “I don’t want my daughters punished with a baby” and ” I can’t answer that, it’s up to a higher paygrade than mine”. Paraphrased, but they let him get away with it.

  2. K.T. says:

    Great post. If the Democratic party continues on this course, there will be more and more recovering Democrats, such as myself.

  3. 1539days says:

    The Republican Party is more inclusive in some ways than the Democrats. Every office except president has had both pro-life and pro-choice Republicans. Most Republican politicians have raised taxes as well as lowered them at one time. I think if you could strip out the rhetoric and put both parties platform to platform, Republicans would edge out Democrats.

    I tend to think there’s something cultural there. It probably goes back to LBJ making a clean break between segregationist Dixiecrats and enacting programs that paid off the poor and minorities. It was the start of the Democratic plantation. Democrats represented a system where people would mostly live in a better state of poverty than before and Republicans represented a bunch of bean counters who wanted business to take care of the economy. Reagan shifted this so that the programs were still there, but people had to pay less taxes for it.

  4. DandyTiger says:

    Great post! Honk, honk!!

  5. Jeffhas says:

    Campaigns are tough, grueling trials by fire… as a candidate stumbles (and they all stumble – sometimes small, sometimes big) the way they recover (or don’t) establishes whether they continue – and when they continue, they will now have been ‘forged’ in such a way that the next stumble will need to be bigger than the last…. my theory is the more stumbles you overcome, the more you become ‘Teflon’ (using the old Reagan analogy) and if you actually become Teflon, the public will begin to imagine you as President.

    Cain has been able to withstand ‘brainwashing’, criticism of 9-9-9, and other ‘fires’ with humor and authenticity – heck, every candidate now talks about a flat(ter) tax plan because of 9-9-9.

    The narratives of ‘he’s not serious’ and ‘he’s not organizing and running a successful traditional campaign’ are just memes to drum up in lieu of getting another stumble greater than the last – they’re manufactured to act like a ‘stumble’. If he surpasses or surprises these expectations – or even WINS in Iowa, those memes will be smashed as hollow smoke and mirrors – and his strength will be undeniable.

    Now, it’s possible he will go the way of Bachman, Trump or Palin – but they’re not running, and they’re ability to become Teflon does have something to do with how they handle the fires – and in some cases the fact they decided to not even run. Sometimes overcoming these fires to become a ‘forged’ candidate and go onto become Teflon is dumb luck – but you cannot take away the deftness and skill involved too – if Cain continues, people will actually give him credit for this, even the media won’t be able to deny it.

  6. HELENK says:

    backtrack’s target list. All those who have not lived up to his measurement. BTW that is just about everybody


  7. Jeffhas says:

    Oh yeah – and the head exploding in the Dem party is just a fun side effect I might enjoy just a little.

  8. HELENK says:

    I do not think they like bloomberg in Virginia


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