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Assange loses fight against extradition

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange lost a court battle to stay in the United Kingdom Wednesday and will be extradited to Sweden to face questioning over sex charges, a court ruled.

Appeals court judges Lord Justice John Thomas and Justice Duncan Ouseley rejected all four of the arguments Assange’s defense team used to fight the extradition.

They will hold another hearing later this month to determine whether he can appeal.

Assange, who has been under house arrest for nearly a year while waiting to find out the results, said Wednesday he will now consider his next steps.

“I have not been charged with any crime in any country,” he said on the steps of the High Court in London. “Despite this, the European arrest warrant is so restrictive that it prevents UK courts from considering the facts of a case, as judges have made clear here today.”

Assange is accused of sexually assaulting two women in Sweden in August 2010. Although he has not been charged with a crime, Swedish prosecutors want to question him in connection with the allegations.

The court comprehensively rejected his defense against being sent there to face prosecution, and was particularly scathing about a dispute with one of the women over whether she had consented to having sex with him.

Poor Julian has been living rent-free on a luxurious country estate where he’s been “hunted by groupies.” Now maybe he’ll finally get his day in court.



A London court ruled on Wednesday that Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, can be extradited to Sweden for questioning over allegations of sexual abuse there last year. He will seek a final appeal to the Britain’s highest court, according to a person close to Mr. Assange

The decision was the latest chapter in a months-long legal battle that has seen Mr. Assange under house arrest and WikiLeaks temporarily shuttered. In their ruling, two British appeals judges said a European arrest warrant seeking Mr. Assange’s extradition could not “be said to be disproportionate” since it related to “serious sexual offenses,” which Mr. Assange has denied.

A British judge had previously ruled that Mr. Assange should return to Sweden to face allegations of sexual molestation, unlawful coercion and rape made by two WikiLeaks volunteers in Stockholm in August 2010. Wednesday’s ruling came after an appeal by Mr. Assange, who has engaged a series of high-profile lawyers to fight the extradition warrant.

His lawyers said that the ruling gave Mr. Assange 14 days to decide whether to seek to appeal to Britain’s highest court and that his decision would be the subject of a further court hearing.

“We will consider our next steps in the coming days,” Mr. Assange said in a brief statement to the throng of reporters gathered outside the courtroom. A person close to Mr. Assange said he would seek a hearing, which would be held before the same judge who on Wednesday strongly rejected his appeal. If a further appeal is not granted, Mr. Assange would be extradited to Sweden within 10 days.

I hope they say no and boot his ass back to Skandiland. This has gone on too long already.

More at The Guardian

Julian's "jail cell"

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50 Responses to Back to Sweden

  1. votermom says:

    Well, good. I hope the women get justice.

  2. DeniseVB says:

    Speaking of scallywags, one of the Cain women is speaking out.

  3. votermom says:

    OT. Pretty funny.

    Beware Virginia: Sarah Palin and Her Evil Cabal of Revolutionaries Are Preparing to Take “Total Control” of Your State

    The latest mailer from the Democratic party of Virginia here in Yuppie Acres, Alexandria, tells me that if I don’t vote, my state may sudden be under “total control” of Rick Perry, Ken Cuccinelli, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin. If only, guys, if only.

    • DandyTiger says:

      Oh golly gee, I’m shaking in my VA boots. What will I every do?

    • DeniseVB says:

      Cuccinelli ‘s going to be the next VA gov I bet. He was the first AG to fire a warning shot across Obama’s healhcare bow. 😀

      He’s easy on the eyes too,

    • WMCB says:


      Notice the nonsensical combination: a governor of another state running as a presidential candidate, the current state attorney general, a radio talk-show host, and a former governor of another state who has announced she’s not running for president. Only one of them even lives in the commonwealth, and he’s already in a powerful state office, so it’s not quite clear why he would be joining the Perry-Limbaugh-Palin insurrection against Bob McDonnell, a governor whom he agrees with much of the time.

      Oh, what’s that? I shouldn’t look for logic or coherence in Democratic-party mailings? Yeah, I guess you’re right.

      Simple answer to that one. Republican Gov McDonnell, even if you disagree with him on some things, is not scary. He has done a good job as governor, and is widely popular. So you have to get them all worried about the scary cartoonish extreeeeemists who want to !!!control!!!! their state, rather than allowing conservatism to be associated with an admittedly decent and reasonably effective governor who is getting their fiscal house in order.

      They are modern day McCarthyites, nothing more. SCAAAARY EXTREEEEMISTS!!! GOING TO TAKE OVEEEERRRR!!!! Is really no different than seeing secret communists under every bush.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I voted for McDonnell because he promised to re-open the interstate rest areas that Tim Kaine shut down to save money 😀

        He also promised to privatize liquor sales and get rid of the ABC stores. Still waiting on that one, we’re still bible belty here.

        Nice thing about VA govs, they’re term limited to ONE. Should Obama win 2012, McDonnell may certainly be a playa in ’16.

    • gxm17 says:

      Yeah. The Virginia Dems are really pushing the “scary Republicans” meme. I’ve had two somewhat lengthy arguments with Dem telemarketers as I explained with increasing frustration, and rising decibels, that I’m not afraid of the Republicans and I’m not voting for any Democrats until the Democrats start standing up for liberal ideals. The party stalwarts have blinders on and just can’t see that there’s very little difference between the Obama and the Bush administrations. If anything Obama is even worse than Bush. He’s a (true) liberal’s nightmare.

      That said, there’s no way I’m voting for Republicans in the state elections. Cuccinelli is way too anti-choice for me to even consider. I’ll just be watching from a seat on the sidelines.

  4. foxyladi14 says:

    a lot are trying to get their fiscal house in order. 🙂

  5. WMCB says:

    What? ACORN is paying the homeless $100 a day to show up at OWS? No, it HAS to be FOX news posing as ACORN.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Well that’s going to make Wall Street shake in their boots 🙂 They’re not consumers or taxpayers.

      Where does ACORN get it’s money to pay these people?

  6. votermom says:

    OT: (Should go on a Cain thread):

    So now he says something “nice” since she isn’t running.

    Joe Scarborough: “Why did Palin get skewered and Cain skates through this when Sarah Palin’s grasp of foreign policy is far superior to Herman Cain?”

    Around the 5 min mark of this overlong video of talking obots as they mock Cain for saying “China might get nukes one day.”

    • DandyTiger says:

      Good question. Joe was full of 24hr hate towards Palin when she was in play. In the end Joe is a Repub party machine man, and any threat to that (currently Romney) and he gets nasty. I suspect he doesn’t think Cain is a real threat, otherwise he’d jump on the bandwagon. Interesting.

      • votermom says:

        But MSNBC is so pro-Obama that I wonder if he will support whatever GOPer goes up against Obama.

        • DandyTiger says:

          The Repub / Dem parties machine want in order of preference: Obama or Romney. They’ll make noise like they’re on one side or the other, and criticize one more than the other depending on tribe colors, but really any party machine person will do. IMHO.

        • gxm17 says:

          DandyTiger, the way things are going, I think you were right when you predicted, many moons ago, that TPTB want Obama in for another four years. I think they’re only pushing Romney because Obama’s ratings suck and he’s lost the middle. IMO, the game plan is that if Obama doesn’t squeak by they’ll have Romney for a stunt double.

    • WMCB says:

      It’s bullshit. Cain knows China has nukes. His freaking job in the Navy was helping calculate where they had the capability to send them, on what trajectories, with what missiles, at what range, what size warheads, etc. The man WORKED on the math concerning China’s nuclear delivery missiles, and what damage they could do, could they be shot down, etc.

      The statement to which they are referring was a long one, in which he discussed China’s defense spending and activities, and their “trying to develop their nuclear capability”. He wasn’t saying they had no nukes. He was saying they are seeking to expand and develop what they have the capability to do with them.

      Was it a somewhat awkward phrasing that you could pounce on out of context to yell “STOOOOPID!!” if you wanted? Yep. But it’s still bullshit to claim he has no idea China has nukes. That’s patently untrue. Perhaps he should have phrased it as China “trying to expand their nuclear capability” rather than using the word “develop”. But it’s very clear what he meant, if the press felt like looking at it honestly.

      • votermom says:

        Yeah, it’s part of their Palinization of Cain. But Joe S is so full of shiitake mushrooms. What a hypocrite.

      • gxm17 says:

        WMCB, do you links regarding Cain’s Navy career? I’m trying to shout down the folks who are screaming about Cain not knowing China has nukes.

        • WMCB says:

          Let me find where I read that info. But here’s an article he wrote abut China in 2005, and he clearly knew they had nukes:

          The U.S. should be less concerned about China’s economic potential than by the military threat it poses. Three Chinese spies were recently indicted in the U.S. for conspiring to steal numerous naval warship technologies. This summer China and Russia participated in a week-long joint military exercise. China’s build up of nuclear, military and space technologies to rival the U.S., and its saber-rattling over Taiwan’s independence, signals a commitment to more red, not green.

        • WMCB says:

          Then there is this at AOS, but it’s from a commenter who says all this is in Cain’s books – not online:

          Herman Cain spent the Vietnam war evaluating the capabilities of the Chinese to deliver a nuclear weapon onto the heads of our forces in South Vietnam.

          He examined the test launches of the Dongfeng 1 (SS-1) and plotted out the trajectories for a 500kg warheads.

          When China started testing the Dongfeng 2 (CSS-1) Cain plotted out the trajectories and capabilities of it’s delivery of 15 kiloton nuclear weapons.

          Both of these missiles were provided to the PRC by the Soviets, Cain analysed data from the Russian test launches and determined the risk to U.S. troops in SE Asia.

          Cain also observed the development of China’s first domestically produced missile, Dongfeng 3 (CSS-2) and plotted out it’s use with China’s 15-20KT fissile devices as well as China’s new thermonuclear devices.

          Finally, Cain was involved in the determination that China’s Dongfeng 4 (CSS-3) was capable of delivering both fissile and thermonuclear devices to both Moscow and Guam as well as cover the entire deployment of U.S. forces in SE Asia.

          Cain is well aware of China’s nuclear missile capability, the only reasonable conclusion is that Cain was indeed referring to China’s attempts to develop and sail their first nuclear aircraft carrier and their attempts to develop more dangerous nuclear cruisers.

        • WMCB says:

          Also, gxm, Cain has evidently (again, anecdotal evidence from those who say they heard him) talked on the campaign trail about China’s efforts to develop a nuclear aircraft carrier (they already have nuclear subs).

          So it’s pretty clear that he is aware of their nukes – and is concerned that they are DEVELOPING new capabilities.

        • gxm17 says:

          Thanks, WMCB!

          It’s sad, but I’m finding it much easier to defend Cain against attacks than Palin or Hillary. The attacks against women candidates are just so malicious and I find defending them too hurtful to get involved with.

        • WMCB says:

          Okay, gxm, my husband just got home and I asked him about this, since he is a former Navy Commander.

          He says that is simply NOT POSSIBLE that a math/ballistics expert in the US Navy from the Vietnam era on could be unaware that China has nukes. It’s just beyond the realm of possibility. It would be like saying a licensed medical doctor who attended a very good medical school was unaware that you had a shinbone in your leg.

          Now, in giving a speech about the dangers of lawnmowers, the doc might say “A rock could hit your leg! Or your shin!” And a bunch of rabid media types could jump on that and declare that the doctor was obviously completely unaware that your shin is a part of your leg, not a separate body part. But anyone with a brain would recognize that as bullshit.

        • gxm17 says:

          WMCB, I’m happy to report that after sending my friend the Cain piece that you linked, he backed down and agreed that, yes, Cain clearly knows what he’s talking about. The quote the media (and ObamaNation) went into a feeding frenzy over was a slight verbal slip, not mental slip, on Cain’s part.

    • votermom says:

      Tweeting this:

      • catarina says:


        i am following you on twitter. not sure why, seemed like a cool thing to do 🙂

        so, no pressure but please tweet something good.

        • catarina says:

          Sorry, that didn’t come out right.
          I may be getting punchy from the generator gas fumes, day 3 no power.

          Don’t know what to do with twitter yet-just playing around with it and figuring out it’s usefulness.
          Hope it’s ok to ‘follow” you? And if you have naked firemen pics that would be good too.

        • votermom says:

          I am happy to be followed on twitter.:)
          I followed you back.
          Sadly no nekkid fiery doodz.

    • gxm17 says:

      votermom, this morning I was thinking about the fact that ObamaNation hasn’t called Cain stupid, attacked his family members, questioned whether he fathered his children, or rated his f***ability. It’s interesting, and very sad, how different the attacks are when the candidate doesn’t have a vagina. And not just the difference in accusations but the difference in the level of hostility and hate. D00d nation is pathetic.

  7. WMCB says:


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