NCIS – No Cops In Sight

I’m sure FOX News is behind this.

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11 Responses to NCIS – No Cops In Sight

  1. dorkle says:

    Damn. Whoever said that it was like Lord of the Flies, it is an apt description.

    And look at those small businesses that they’re defacing. What the stuff did they do?

  2. HELENK says:

    Paramedics/fire department on scene where pedestrian appears to have been hit by a car in Oakland. #occupyoakland #generalstrike

    • HELENK says:

      2 #occupyoakland protesters injured after being struck by car at 11th & Broadway. Driver reportedly frustrated by protesters in the street.

  3. myiq2xu says:

    Ruh-roh – looks like cops are getting ready to do something.

  4. HELENK says:

    CONFIRMED: Protester struck by car sustained non life-threatening injuries. OPD is handling investigation. #occupyoakland #generalstrike

  5. HELENK says:

    they managed to close the fifth largest port in the country. For what reason? I read earlier that it is one port that has more export than import. Mostly produce grown in America and shipped overseas.
    So far the owies have disrupted or closed farmers markets in several cities and now impede the shipment of produce . They seem to have a grudge against farmers. Can’t stand people who really work for a living?

  6. HELENK says:

    the msm reports
    first it was 1000 owies, then it was 4500 owies, by the 11pm news it was over 7000 owies in Oakland

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