The 11th Commandment

The Republican Moses?

The so-called 11th Commandment was not invented by Ronald Reagan, but was applied to him in the 1966 California Gubernatorial campaign. Liberal Republicans were required to avoid the kind of vicious personal attacks on Reagan that would lose him the general election like the attacks on Barry Goldwater in the primaries seemed to do when he ran in the general election of 1964. Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.

One of the reasons Republican voters never liked Mitt Romney was due to his tendency to violate this rule early and often. The rumor is that his attacks on Mike Huckabee convinced him to draw off enough votes to let John McCain beat Romney. This time around, most of the cross fire had been between Romney and highly financed idiot Rick Perry.

Perry has used Tim Pawlenty’s ad team to go after Obama, but he apparently forgot to hire a debate prep team. He went after Romney to no avail, and they had been slugging it out in the last few debates. Then there was Herman Cain. His ascension was simultaneous to Perry’s slide. Cain is now polling slightly ahead of Romney and Perry is polling in Jon Huntsman territory. When you want to be the Not Romney candidate, you have to take out the other guy who’s not Romney.

If Rick Perry and his operatives are not part of this ongoing Herman Cain non-story story, then he has shown every indication that he was getting to that point. Romney is too unpopular with the motivated base to win. Rick Perry is one YouTube video away from being a laughingstock. If Herman Cain gets the nomination, he may be damaged enough by Politico’s gossip rag tactics to lose the general election, assuming that Romney supporters don’t vote for Obama out of spite.

You don’t engage in a circular firing squad because it does the lazy media’s job for them. The entire Politico staff wants Obama to win, and they will take any Republican tips to meet that goal. It’s not in the GOP’s interest to help them. Rick Perry is toast. He needs to be stopped before he screws up anyone else’s chances.

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  1. Jeffhas says:

    Well, I am a Herman Cain supporter, and I want Herman to be the Republican nominee almost as much as I wanted Hillary to be the Dem nominee in 2008… but… I am somewhat troubled by the accusations and the rolling explanations.

    Cains very direct response and straight froward manner has given him some leeway with me, but with a third woman coming out, and if specific accusations are actually discussed by the accusers in person, I will feel less for the man… I’m not saying I still won’t support him over the other nominees (’cause I’m voting R as a protest – NO MATTER WHAT OR WHO) – it’s just that I was starting to feel like I was voting ‘for’ someone rather than just against Obama.

    I realize no candidate is perfect, but oppression of women is a bit of a bridge too far for me….

    I personally see him clearing this and maybe being stronger in the end… but more women coming forward isn’t going to help that.

    In any event, Perry is the worst of the worst – and if he wins the nomination – I will find it hard to cast my protest vote.

    • 1539days says:


      Cain said there was one complaint. There could have been more than one witness.

      This “sealed” complaint is the only kind of evidence available. I’m sorry, but if I read a bunch of stories from over a decade later that were not reported or recorded, I’m not automatically going to believe them,

      Plus, there is still not first hand sourcing. I don’t consider the Perry campaign guy who won’t actually say what happened to be a credible source.

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      Well said. I’m of the mind on this issue similar to what I was onthe Assange case. I am well aware of the history of use of this kind thing to frivolously discredit those deemed subversive or otherwise a threat to certain power structures. That said, I will withhold my judgement until the facts come out out of respect for the women involved, and for all women who make a claim of sexual harassment.

      I too have been troubled by Cain’s shifting response. He seemed to been lured into a pose of having been convinced that this is no big deal, sex and power scandals never hurt men, etc, etc. And as his comfort grew, the more he talked. And the more he talked, the more questions I had. The latest is that the one woman won’t come forward even as a third woman has. We’ll see what happens.

      If it is a load a bull–and it may be–there will be hell to pay.

      • myiq2xu says:

        I’m waiting for this to play out a bit further before I say anything else.

        There are too many unknowns.

      • votermom says:

        I was burned badly before as an Edwards supporter, so I am not ready to dismiss anything yet.

      • Susala says:

        A load of bull? Three different women reporting incidents and two male Republicans who witnessed inappropriate sexual behavior toward women. Two women who received payouts. A history of addressing women reporters whom he’s never met before as “sweetheart”. Four contradictory stories in three days. What’s it going to take? A videotape?

        Btw, how long have you known that China has nuclear weapons? I’ve known since I was twelve. Herman Cain didn’t know it as of a few days ago.

        There won’t be a videotape of Cain sexually harassing anyone. But there’s video of Cain, appearing on Greta, demonstrating unforgiveable ignorance of the world.

        At least McCain and Palin both had a modicum of intelligence that made a protest vote defensible.

        Obot/Cainiac. Different sides of the same coin as far as I’m concerned.

    • teresainpa says:

      I have never bought the idea that government should be run like a business because one is …well…government and one, a business. One is too make profit and one to serve the needs of the people, profit be damned. That is why every time Cain starts his businessman schtick it leaves me cold.
      Now Perry on the other hand, I found at least funny the other day with his appearance in NH. From my years in the theater I know that comedy is hard and drama is easy. The guy has comic timing. I have more respect for comic timing than just about anything.
      No, I don’t want Perry to be president either. The idea of going to the polls and voting for one more male for president fills me with ennui and by ennui I mean more of a languid despair than anything. I think I will probably write in Hillary Clinton.

      • 1539days says:

        America is a business with different goals. Ideally, it breaks even. Your customers are also your shareholders. Even against its own standards, the CEOs of the country are robbing it blind and cheating its customers.

      • votermom says:

        Now Perry on the other hand, I found at least funny the other day with his appearance in NH. From my years in the theater I know that comedy is hard and drama is easy. The guy has comic timing. I have more respect for comic timing than just about anything.

        LOL. Me too. I like people with a good sense of humor.
        And the fact that he got in Mitt’s face at the last debate, even if it was about a totally stupid thing (you hired an illegal immigrant landscaper!) actually made me grin when I watched it.
        I hate the reports of his cronyism but his supposed mis-steps actually are positives to me.

      • Susala says:

        I spent my professional life around people who were drunk or high. Imo, Perry was high.

  2. DandyTiger says:

    Too late. I’m calling it now. Obama wins. You heard it hear first. It might not be pretty, but I fear it will be so.

    The OFA/OWS effort has shown the Chicago (acorn/seiu/etc.) machine is able to pull off the zombie kool-aid mumbo jumbo. It might seem silly and all over the map, but notice how the group is not pushing for a Dem primary or protesting Obama. And most are clearly and pretty openly pro Obama. Sorry any suckers out there.

    The Republican (and WS and banks and oil, etc.) machine half heartedly wants Romney just in case their favorite choice, Obama, doesn’t work out. But the other elements of the party didn’t get the memo and would instead like to defeat Obama. The party machine rigged things with Rubio and others in FL and other places to ensure Palin was out (their greatest fear). And now they’re left with a pathetic field of idiots. Right now their best bet, wait for it, is Newt. Yep. that’s how far they’ve fallen.

    Either the candidate will be Romney (pre-toast) or a very damaged non Romney.

    The good news, the Obama camp won’t even have to start a new war in Iran to win. And believe me, if they needed to, they would have.

    • Karma says:

      I agree.

      Today Olbermann was trying to give credit for the recent bump in Obama’s ratings to OWS. Obama is going to ride this across the finish line and the media is going to help him again.

      Watching the OccupyOakland live feed they are thrilled with attention Maddow and Olbermann are giving them.

      Obush will win.

    • Jeffhas says:

      I sense you’re right (I’ve pretty much known it, but just don’t want to admit it)…

      … but they’re still going to have to pry my vote from my cold dead fingers… and by vote, I mean a protest vote for someone from the R party so they have to make up 2 votes.

      Suck on that ‘Party of the People’…

  3. Dario says:

    Every politician with skeletons in the closet is fair game. The 11th commandment is b.s. That’s what primaries are for. If Cain has skeletons, they should be brought out. Obama is an extremely weak candidate, and if the Republicans cannot put a candidate that’s better than Obama, that’s because the Republican Party is less than worthless.

    • DandyTiger says:

      It’s a feature not a bug. The Republican Party isn’t worthless if the person they really want is already in office. Think policy results vs. tribal membership.

  4. benny says:

    We got flip-flop Romney, loony Perry and now Hes not ready for prime-time Cain. A pretty weak publican field, as I see it. I think Palin better reconsider her decision. She’d really shake things up, and make the moonbat dems regurgitate all over the place. 😉

  5. 1539days says:

    I understand that it looks like there’s “shifting” stories here, but there are shifting accusations. If Cain is right and there was one complaint that ended in a settlement, then he is being asked about another woman he knows nothing about. Now there’s a third woman who says the same thing, but may not have even put in a complaint at all. If you had a sexual harassment suit against you but were told that two women complained about sexual harassment, I think the prudent course would be to wait and figure out what the hell is going on.

    Cain needs a rapid response team badly. Bush had a lot of problems too, but he had a statement at the ready before he just shot off his mouth.

    • DandyTiger says:

      I would love to see his team make humorous videos of the shark feeding frenzy over no real information. Just a video of CNN and MSNBC shows doing their rapid fire feeding frenzy where they really do have the teeth out and some drooling while they’re having at Cain. They wouldn’t even have to augment the video. But then overlay music and some text and/or side-by-side video of sharks. There’s nothing there, no story, at least yet, so the insane feeding frenzy is so over the top it’s very sad. Ripe for some humorous response.

    • Susala says:

      The original report that there are two women who were paid settlements as a result of sexual harassment complaints against Cain had not changed before Cain gave three significantly contradictory responses.

      Cain is not a prudent person. He’s an arrogant person who did not hesitate to personally attack one of the women, both of whom are prohibited from speaking publicly due to a confidentiality agreement.

  6. yttik says:

    After nearly four years of harassment that has turned the entire country into a hostile work place, bros before hos, cunt teeshirts, lipstick on pigs, NOW people want my outrage?? Are they fricken kidding me?

    Show me Cain fondling a cardboard cutout of the SOS and trying to pour beer down her throat. Show me Cain accusing an experienced woman of doing nothing but hosting tea parties in the white house. Show me these things or just STFU about Cain. Seriously, it infuriates me. The outrage is so selective and manipulated. NOW we care about sexual harassment? When did that start?

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