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More proof #ows is a partisan fraud Yesterday, 200 Occupy Wall Street protesters ran down to Goldman Sachs headquarters on the mere rumor that President George Bush was visiting the buliding. Bush was apparently inside pitching Goldman staff on the … Continue reading

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1%er Bloomberg Outraged at 99%er Rape Cover Ups

Speaking of mangling the message, two more rapes were reported at Zuccotti Park today, this time by a perptester working in the kitchens. 26-year-old Tonye Iketubosin of Crown Heights allegedly raped an 18-year-old woman from Massachusetts early Saturday morning, and … Continue reading

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I thought a bonus was a reward for good performance?

SJ Murky News: Solyndra executives collected hefty bonuses in months before Fremont company filed for bankruptcy Senior executives at Solyndra collected hefty bonuses — ranging from $37,000 to $60,000 apiece — as the Fremont company bled cash and careened toward … Continue reading

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Getting in the way of your message

CNN: More Americans supporting Occupy Wall Street As Americans learn more about Occupy Wall Street, they are becoming more supportive of the movement’s positions, according to a new poll from ORC International. The survey, taken Oct. 28-31, shows more adult … Continue reading

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Not so peaceful after all

After Oakland’s Occupy strike, some turn to chaos A long day of mostly peaceful protest on Wednesday in Oakland descended into chaos after midnight. Masked vandals shattered windows, set fires and plastered downtown businesses with graffiti before police moved in, … Continue reading

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