More proof #ows is a partisan fraud

Yesterday, 200 Occupy Wall Street protesters ran down to Goldman Sachs headquarters on the mere rumor that President George Bush was visiting the buliding. Bush was apparently inside pitching Goldman staff on the Keystone XL pipeline. The OWS crowd chanted “Arrest George Bush” before convening an General Assembly outside the building.

One can understand why the occupiers would be upset with Bush. His Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson bailed out Wall Street after all. But Bush and Paulson are no longer in office. President Obama, and his Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner (who helped Paulson plan and implement the bailouts as President of the New York Federal Reserve), are. If the OWS movement really cared about Wall Street’s influence over Washington, they would be marching on the White House to demand Geithner’s resignation. Or at least demanding that Obama return all the money that MF Global chairman and chief executive Jon Corzine bundled for Obama’s 2012 campaign. The Washington Post reports:

Employees of the company have given $108,650 to Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, according to federal records. MF Global’s chairman and chief executive, former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine, has raised at least $500,000 for the campaign and the DNC as a “bundler,” or volunteer fundraiser. … MF Global declared bankruptcy Monday, becoming the first U.S. victim of the European debt crisis. The FBI plans to conduct a preliminary probe into reports that hundreds of millions of dollars are missing from client accounts, federal law enforcement officials said.

Why isn’t Occupy Wall Street marching to MF Global headquarters? Why aren’t they camping out on Jon Corzine’s front lawn? Freddie Mac just requested another $6 billion in taxpayer bailouts. Their executives are taking home million dollar bonuses. Where are the OWS marches on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

I have no problem with people peacefully protesting outside an appearance by George Bush or any other politician. Go for it.

But where are the protests against the #1 recipient of Wall Street cash? Why aren’t they camped out on the White House lawn?

As some of our readers here have noticed, anyone who starts bashing Obama in a OWS livestream will soon get banned and have all their comments deleted.

What’s that you say? OWS is not pro-Obama?

I didn’t say they were. I said the purpose of OWS is to divert attention away from Obama and to dissipate progressive energies. Zucchini Park has been “occupied” for about a month and a half and what have they accomplished? Nada planada.

Meanwhile the media isn’t talking about Solyndra, Fast and Furious and/or all the money that Obama is raising from those 1%ers.

And next year the OWSers will vote for Obama because (repeat after me):

The Republicans are worse!™”

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29 Responses to A-s-t-r-o-t-u-r-f

  1. crawdad says:

    There you go again, being an asshole by pointing out the obvious.

  2. crawdad says:

    Whatever happened to all that “primary Obama” talk anyway?

  3. fif says:

    It’s so obvious, and where is the media to ask this extremely basic question: why aren’t they marching on Congress and the White House who actually create and enforce legislation that limits or allows the financial institutions that pillage and plunder?

    Nope–just follow the pack and act like you know what the hell you are doing out there so you can feel like you belong to something and are making a difference. It’s pathetic and reminiscent of the 2008 Sheeple mentality. It’s the Obama phenomenon recycled.

  4. fif says:

    Worse: his phony new Mr. Populist persona is helping his numbers rise. Do these people have short-term memory disorder or something? They can’t remember his actions from last week, month or a year ago?

    Oh! NOW he really means it!

    Sound of head banging against a wall…

  5. Karma says:

    Well here’s another Dem organization that has it’s hand in the OWS cookie jar.

    Watching the OccupyOakland live stream chat room. One chatter comes on and writes about just getting off of a Democracy for America conference call. The next thing she writes. “Theres a lot of great things in store for this movement is so many ways.”

    Democracy for America is of course Howard Dean and his 50 state strategy.


    • Karma says:

      Opened up the browser a few minutes ago, that OccupyOakland is running video that needed to be muted, and low and behold, our DFA chatter was there again.

      Only caught her sign-off, which she double downs and receives hugs in response from the moderators. (All spelling errors are included, as with her chat message from above.)

      “gotta run see ya guys. thins are getting better lots of stuff in the works. we have to be patient.”

  6. Karma says:

    Also another running theme that OWS is still trying to spread. Is that Black Bloc the anarchist group who attacked Whole Foods are responsible for taking over that building in Oakland.

    Never mind their OccupyOakland livestream was showing OWS protesters inside. Never mind they handed out pamphlets announcing it. Never mind OakFoSho talked about during his reporting that it was planned all day. Never mind there is a whole rant about why they took over the building posted online. And never mind, that they had a GA about taking over the building the previous week….’gotta survive the winter man….and no we won’t pay for it.’

    Well, here’s a photo….and that isn’t Black Bloc.


  7. HELENK says:

    Police escort an #OccupyOakland #OO protester out of the meeting for refusing to stop speaking when his time was up. http://pic.twitter.com/y1h8X38Y

  8. benny says:

    Yeah, the repubs are evvviiillllll or just plain stupid. And the dems are liberal elites or commmiiies. Same ole crap from both sides of the isle. And they manage to fool ordinary folk.
    O/T I found a nice article. here. http://thehill.com/opinion/columnists/brent-budowsky/191473-hillary-wins-big-in-2012

  9. myiq2xu says:

    “Barack Obama is owned by Wall Street. The fat cats, as he calls them, they’re his friends. They’re his pals. That’s where he gets his campaign donations. And he’s very generous about giving these cats their cat nip — bigger returns on their investments in bailouts…My question to the Occupy Wall street crowd is, “Where have you been the last three years?” I suggest if they want to vent and want to change the situation, then they vent in the right direction. They need to hop on a bus and travel south — 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where there’s plenty of space to occupy.”

    Sarah Palin

    • 1539days says:

      Nice. That’s what the Obot media used to ask the Tea Party, where they were when Bush was deficit spending.

    • elliesmom says:

      I want to vote for Sarah Palin. I deserve to be able to vote for Sarah Palin.

    • DandyTiger says:

      Pretty obvious and direct and succinct. There’s one and only one reason, because they’re pro Obama. It’s been obvious to any rational thinker from the start. The kool-aid / cult techniques, the Rorschach approach, the backers, etc. And as the OFA operatives and Dean’s DOA says, they’ve got big plans for the movement soon. Yea, duh, so obvious what’s coming next. Rah, rah, rah, the Republican’s are worse, vote for Obama…. duh.

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