Vancouver DOA

Occupy Vancouver death dooms protest camp

The death of a woman taking part in the Occupy Vancouver protest at the city’s art gallery has led the city’s mayor to announce the protest movement’s tent city will be cleared.

“I have directed the city manager to expedite the appropriate steps to end the encampment as soon as possible with a safe resolution being absolutely critical to that,” Mayor Gregor Robertson said Saturday night.

Police said a woman in her 20s was found unresponsive inside a tent at the encampment at about 4:30 p.m. PT Saturday.

“Tragically, she could not be revived,” Vancouver police Const. Jana McGuinness told reporters. “She was transported to hospital and pronounced deceased at hospital.”

Police said the cause of death has not been determined and would not confirm reports the woman died of a drug overdose.

It was obvious that sooner or later someone would get hurt or killed. OWS has gone from protesting Wall Street to fighting for the “right” to build semi-permanent encampments in public spaces.

With free food, tents and sleeping bags being offered, the camps were bound to attract the real homeless, along with other unsavory elements of society. Recreational drug users mixed with hardcore addicts is a recipe for drug overdoses.

You would think the leaders of OWS would reconsider the camp-out aspect of their strategery, but I guess they’re afraid it would look like a defeat.

Gotta have priorities, right?

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22 Responses to Vancouver DOA

  1. Lola-at-Large says:

    Actually there’s already been a death. Fox News killed, I mean reported, him:

  2. votermom says:

    I’m glad Vancouver’s mayor is showing some sense.

    People who want to protest should protest, people who want to camp out should go to national park campsite.

  3. crawdad says:

    If they were smart the OWSers would declare they have proved their point and halt the campouts until Spring. They could still hold marches and protests in the meantime.

  4. DeniseVB says:

    My heart breaks for the OWS “victims”. I’ve lost track. Idjits everyone of them.

    Twinkles Up 🙂

  5. myiq2xu says:

    Vancouver Sun:

    The young woman was identified today by the BC Coroner service as 23-year-old Ashlie Gough of Victoria.

  6. HELENK says:

    ity staff ask Occupy Victoria to leave main square Monday. Vancouver mayor wants #Occupy protesters to dismantle camp

  7. HELENK says:

    you can not make this up
    and today’s Darwin Award goes to

  8. HELENK says:

    from the story

    Morgen adds. Also awkward – Occupy Vancouver put forward a long list of “unofficial” demands just a few days ago. Check out #32 on the list:

    32. We demand the repeal of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. All synthetic drugs and hard drugs (including cocaine and heroin) must be distributed by prescription through a pharmacist.

    • DandyTiger says:

      They are the 99% after all. If anyone out there doesn’t like that, they must be part of the 1%.

  9. catarina says:

    Can’t figure out if the Obama effigy at Zuccotti is an insult or a tribute:

    • Karma says:

      Like many before him, the Mayor tries to point out the flaw in the OWS plan.

      Mayor Menino says the people in Dewey Square need to think about leaving.

      “I just wish that the group that’s demonstrating, not just here in Boston but nationally, will look to where the problems really are,” he said. “The problems are down in Washington. And nobody’s even addressing those issues of what Washington has done to our economy, to job training, to housing, to education. They’re directing their anger at the wrong location.”

      Same bot time. Same bot channel. Logic will not enter the space between their ears. And most importantly, no real damage will hit the head bot – Obama. Almost two months and not a blow landed on Mr Wall St.

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