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Mitt Romney on the Down-low

So what do new Herman Cain allegations, stories about Barack Obama’s sexual proclivities and the Mitt Romney campaign have in common? It’s a combination of what Romney needs, Obama doesn’t want and h0w to get one guy elected when he … Continue reading

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A lecture, not a dialogue

(Via Verum Serum) If you’re a white man, then shut the f–k up about race. Because you don’t know shit other than how to rape and kill. Somebody needs to read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” because his … Continue reading

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Kiss the Whip

This site was called out today as a bunch of whip kissers who are responsible for both the Irish Potato Famine and the deplorable conditions in Equatorial Guinea. Also, we’re a bunch of Tea Partiers. For those of you still … Continue reading

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English comprehension

Igor at Think Progress: Michele Bachmann: ‘If Anyone Will Not Work, Neither Should He Eat’ GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann promised to significantly lower funding to social safety net programs during a speech at the Family Research Council this morning, … Continue reading

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The Wall Street President

WaPo: President Obama has called people who work on Wall Street “fat-cat bankers,” and his reelection campaign has sought to harness public frustration with Wall Street. Financial executives retort that the president’s pursuit of financial regulations is punitive and that … Continue reading

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Black Bloc Ops

I found this interesting discussion over at Corrente: Black Bloc and Occupy Oakland The post and the comments that follow it are too long and detailed to summarize. You need to go over there and read it. Here are some … Continue reading

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