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Brain Fart

Hot Air: Video: Perry implodes; Update: Campaign is over, says top fundraiser Via Business Insider. A few choice quotes. Larry Sabato: To my memory, Perry’s forgetfulness is the most devastating moment of any modern primary debate. Rich Lowry: That might … Continue reading

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Oh what a tangled web we weave . . .

Via Hot Air: Emails tie Obama fundraiser to Solyndra push Advisers to Obama fundraiser George Kaiser discussed Solyndra and other government contracts during their visits last year to the White House, according to emails released Wednesday by House Republicans. The … Continue reading

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“If there was no more racism I would have to get a real job”

No Such Place as ‘Post-Racial’ America Dear America, Please, I beg you, stop using the bankrupt and meaningless term “post-racial!” There’s no such thing as “post-racial.” There’s no place that fits the description “post-racial America.” There’s no “post-racial era.” It’s … Continue reading

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THIS is what democracy looks like

A Very Good Night for Democrats Democrats had a very good election night on Tuesday. Their cherished causes prevailed, they kept their statehouses, and they saw one of the Tea Party’s biggest champions unexpectedly lose a recall election in Arizona. … Continue reading

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Surfer sets world record by riding 90 foot wave Thrill seekers, your mark has been set. Garrett McNamara logged a new world record, riding a towering 90 foot wave in beautiful Nazare, Portugal this week. According to his personal website, … Continue reading

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