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One Percent

On this Veterans’ Day, I heard the statistic that 1% of this country’s population is either active or reserve military personnel. Of course, retired veterans make that figure higher, but there are over 3 million people who are ready to … Continue reading

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Another one bites the dust

Hot Air: Report: Mike McQueary in protective custody, won’t coach again According to PennLive.com, one of the PSU coaches gathered several players in a room on campus and allowed McQueary to speak to the team via speaker phone. McQueary reportedly … Continue reading

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Occupy Oops!

Apparently the Denver Occuzombies tried to disrupt a meeting of conservative bloggers called BlogCon 2011. The protesters were outnumbered by wingnuts who quickly swarmed them and shouted them down. Ed Morrissey: The clash erupted before I had a chance to … Continue reading

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Occupy Body Count

Death at Pioneer Park results in closure of Occupy SLC camp As a result of a man dying overnight at Salt Lake City’s Pioneer Park, Police Chief Chris Burbank on Friday ordered Occupy Salt Lake protesters to vacate their camps … Continue reading

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Sarah says

Fire Eric Holder It’s tempting to get distracted with the horse race aspect of electoral politics during a primary season. But as pundits talk about “who’s up and who’s down” in the 24 hour news cycle, we must keep our … Continue reading

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Happy Veteran’s Day

They called it “The War to End All Wars.” It wasn’t: Armistice Day (also known as Remembrance Day) is on November 11 and commemorates the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France, for … Continue reading

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