Work is Hard

There’s a romantic notion that a bunch of people standing around and yelling can change the world. Some governments fear such a thing. In this country, we regard it as a fundamental right. Whatever the case, protesting works more as a relief valve. People who protest are sick of the way things are. Where that right does not exist, the people who protest can be jailed or even killed. Even then, the protesters themselves do not change the world.

Protests do have an effect. The rest of the population who see them are made aware of the issue. It starts with awareness, then education followed by action. Even if you disagree with a protester, it’s because you are aware of the issue.

The people who started as Occupy Wall Street wanted to have some kind of old fashioned sit-in. Make people aware of the excesses of Wall Street by occupying the area around it. It’s been pretty easy to camp out, at least in New York. There are meals, tents and bathrooms provided. However, they seem to have more trouble living with the bottom 1% of incomes than the top 1%.

Camping out is easy and it would be hard to argue that awareness of income disparity isn’t at an all time high. They’ve called attention to themselves. It’s time to move on to education and action. The Occupiers claim that they are still formulating a plan under their new system of bottom up organizing that has leaders and organizers at the top anyway.

It took time for the Tea Party to develop a message. It started with a man complaining about the worthless derivatives that banks sold as investment vehicles. Then it was the fear that Obama would raise taxes. Eventually, all that is wrong with modern government spending was summed up in the debacle of Obamacare. The protest evolved with the times. There were ready targets who passed the bill and many were taken out in 2010.

The people in the parks in cities around the country haven’t done anything for weeks. If they are planning anything, they certainly don’t need to do it in filthy, crime-ridden tent cities. Their ranks haven’t grown and public opinion is starting to turn against them. If Occupy wants real change, they need to work at it. It’s time for the sleepover to end.

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  1. HELENK says:

    Nov 17 a day of protest in 35 states called for by unions using owies

  2. HELENK says:

    you are a very good writer.

  3. HELENK says:

    they are not going to be happy until they get their Kent State

    SF owies attack two cops. Minor injuries

  4. Lola-at-Large says:

    Good piece, days, and spot on. Look at some of the last few successful protests. Suffrage and Civil Rights protests were effective because they were followed by legislation that actually changed the status quo. Look at the last few protests that weren’t successful. The anti-war movement of the 60s/70s, for example. They didn’t end the war because they weren’t focused on the mechanics that deliver that change; in the end, the only significant result they had was lowering the credibility of a generation of boomer young adults. OWS is obviously striving for the anti-war model, despite all evidence that it was far less successful than suffrage & Civil Rights.

  5. Zaladonis says:

    I never noticed a lack of awareness about income disparity before OWS, and what does heightened awareness about income disparity accomplish other than envy and dissatisfaction and resentment?

    Of course there’s income disparity. Unless we live in a genuinely Communist system, some people will earn and have more than others.

    The problem isn’t income disparity, it’s a ridiculously bloated sense of entitlement mixed with shrunken ethical core throughout our society. It shows up most glaringly on Wall St because that’s where big money and power coalesced in recent decades, but the rot is virtually everywhere and that’s what needs to be changed. It’s not that protests can’t be part of making change, it’s that OWS is protesting the wrong thing.

  6. DeniseVB says:

    The tea party are the 53% who pay taxes and they vote. That alone should pose a bigger threat to Washington than OWS, who continually prove daily what slackers they are. (or as one conservative writer put it, a generation of special snowflakes and kids who got trophies for losing)

    Almost 2 months later, the only message I’m hearing….”give me stuff”.

    • Zaladonis says:

      (or as one conservative writer put it, a generation of special snowflakes and kids who got trophies for losing)

      Who said that?

      It’s so weird that my ideology remains liberal but I’m agreeing with conservatives!

      • DeniseVB says:

        It was a Big Govt article posted here recently on the Battle of Blogcon 2011, by someone who was there when the OWS invaded their convention.

  7. yttik says:

    Well, OWS has certainly made me aware that there’s a lack a leadership in this country, at every level, from education to government. OWS is like a bunch of people wandering around aimlessly, not knowing what they want. They have no faith in any of the things that make this country great, like the freedom to create and innovate and prosper. Half of them are even convinced they don’t have the right to free speech and protest, because they keep hollering about police brutality and fascism. The government leadership, rather than channeling their energy in positive directions, has simply encouraged them to protest more. Ultimately what they’re protesting, whether they realize it or not, is a lack of leadership in this country and the void they’re feeling.

    • Zaladonis says:

      Seems that what passes for leadership today is bullying or manipulation.

      And the hollering is more childishness. One of the articles posted here last week reported something like a guy was shouting and someone asked him why he’s shouting and he shouted, “Because I can!” That’s what children do.

  8. foxyladi14 says:

    potus keeps spouting how lazy we are 👿

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