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Sacred Tropes and Right-Wing Cows

Sister Toldjah: Remember when Barack Obama was upset at the bonuses paid to AIG execs? […] When the bubble burst in 2007, Fannie and Freddie began to lose billions of dollars of investments in mortgage-backed securities (MBS) guarantees. In September … Continue reading

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They would call it racist

They would call it racist, but imagine a political ad showing scenes of Obama golfing and vacationing to the sound of a Patsy Cline imitator singing “Lazy . . . I’m lazy and don’t care about you” (h/t Hot Air)

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Occupy Poll Diving

Occupy Wall Street Favor Fading The Occupy Wall Street movement is not wearing well with voters across the country. Only 33% now say that they are supportive of its goals, compared to 45% who say they oppose them. That represents … Continue reading

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Image and Symbols

Occupy Wall Street’s Image Problem Falling out of the public’s favor, the protesters should take a lesson from the civil rights movement and wrap their frustrations in the American flag Occupy Wall Street is at a fork in the road. … Continue reading

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Assange still fighting extradition

Julian Assange seeks to take extradition fight to supreme court The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, is to apply for a supreme court hearing to appeal against extradition to Sweden to face sex crime allegations. His solicitor, Gareth Peirce, confirmed … Continue reading

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