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Occupy Workplace

I wasn’t one of those people who experienced the prosperity of the Clinton administration. I had a pretty long run of unemployment and low paying jobs in the 1990s. When Bush was president, I had more years of sporadic, but … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

Capehart: Perry Calling Obama “Privileged” Is “Dog Whistle” To Racists Last night on FOX News’ “Hannity” program presidential candidate Rick Perry (R-TX) said President Obama grew up “privileged” and has “never had to go through what Americans [are now] going … Continue reading

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Occupy TDS

Occupy Wall Street Divided – The Daily Show wit…, posted with vodpod Okay, it looks like Operation Shut Down Wall Street is just another Occupy Epic Fail. The Klown is disappointed. He stayed up all night hoping for some police … Continue reading

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Shut Down Wall Street Live Blog

It’s Der Tag! Rise up and throw off your chains! Death to Smoochy! Thursday November 17th, marks two months since the start of Occupy Wall Street as well as International Students Day. To commemorate this two month anniversary, Occupy Wall … Continue reading

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