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Capehart: Perry Calling Obama “Privileged” Is “Dog Whistle” To Racists

Last night on FOX News’ “Hannity” program presidential candidate Rick Perry (R-TX) said President Obama grew up “privileged” and has “never had to go through what Americans [are now] going through.”

Perhaps Gov. Perry was referring to Obama’s upbringing and the educational institutions he attended. However, according to the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart this comment was a “dog whistle” for racism.

“That’s the dog whistle that Rick Perry is going for. The president was not raised privileged. He wasn’t handed anything. He absolutely had to work for everything that he got. But for Rick Perry to say that President Obama was privileged and didn’t have to work for what he got, the code is, he got into Columbia University, he got into Harvard University not through merit, not because he’s smart, but because he took the place of someone else through affirmative action, that someone else being someone white,” Mr. Capehart said on Martin Bashir’s MSNBC show.

Poor Barack. Forced to work in the sugar cane fields alongside his mother when he was only three. Living in the ghettos of Honolulu. Walking barefoot ten miles a day through the snows of Hawaii to attend inner-city schools.

Obama should release his school records and prove the truth once and for all.

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23 Responses to And now for something completely different

  1. kc says:

    Capehart is the biggest suck up around. He always defends Obama–always..and this is as predictable as night following day.

  2. murphy says:

    How can people who support affirmative action be offended when someone mentions affirmative action, or doesn’t mention affirmative action as in this case? It makes NO SENSE! If you are in favor of affirmative action then you believe under-represented minorities should be given an advantage in admissions/hiring even if it means passing over candidates who may be more qualified in some quantitative ways? It’s blatantly illogical!

  3. murphy says:

    and p.s. I’m mostly in favor of affirmative action in many cases, including college admissions. But I don’t go around LYING about what the hell it is!

    • myiq2xu says:

      Affirmative action should also include an income component.

      Rich black kids should not get an AA preference over poor white kids.

      And we should dump legacy admissions.

      • murphy says:

        Private universities will never dump legacies. They can’t afford it. And it’s almost always the privileged AA’s who are able to take advantage of affirmative action at elite colleges. So unfair. This bullshit article does NOTHING to help under-privileged black kids. He’s straight up LYING about Obama’s past for lords sake.

        • murphy says:

          oh, and agreed about income component. Points for being poor, and maybe additional points for being an under-represented minority or woman (in cases where women are under-represented, like some engineering schools).

      • DandyTiger says:

        The color that really matters is green. There should absolutely be an income component.

  4. kc says:

    true–Capehart just gets very defensive about Obama–almost like it’s personal. He works for Wapo–I guess he’s an opinion writer so it’s ok.

  5. guest says:

    “Occupy The Crawdad Hole”

    Brilliant! Hope you get lots of hits..

  6. HELENK says:

    LA sheriff reopening Natalie Woods case

    Demi dumping ashton

  7. 1539days says:

    I remember back in 2008, Tweety was psyching himself up to the idea of Obama becoming president. He proposed that back in America’s racist past, people would show respect for foreign dignitaries and world leaders who were African or black. The idea being that Obama was some sort of royalty.

    We all know Obama uses his white family when it’s convenient and his black heritage for cover. He talks about his “single mom” who raised him when he had to cover for that whole “lipstick on a pig” thing. He was born at a time when Hawaii was only a state for two years. Obama would not spend any significant time in the lower 48 until he was an adult. He went to private schools and his mother’s bohemian lifestyle was bankrolled by the Vice President of the Bank of Hawaii.

    When did he NOT have a privileged life?

  8. HELENK says:

    how would you like to be a fly on the wall for this
    backtrack – Boeing – Lion Airlines

    Boeing gets biggest contract ever from Lion Airlines, backtrack makes big announcement on Asian trip.
    No one talking about backtrack’s NLRB trying to close Boeing in Carolina because it is a right to work state

    backtrack – I am only here for the good times

  9. SHV says:

    “I’d also like to add one personal note, in response to the letter from Mr. Jim Chen which was published in the October 26 issue of the RECORD, and which articulated broad objections to the Review’s general affirmative action policy. I respect Mr. Chen’s personal concern over the possible stigmatizing effects of affirmative action, and do not question the depth or sincerity of his feelings. I must say, however, that as someone who has undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action programs during my academic career, and as someone who may have benefited from the Law Review’s affirmative action policy when I was selected to join the Review last year, I have not personally felt stigmatized either within the broader law school community or as a staff member of the Review. ”

    Barack Obama
    President, Harvard Law Review
    Published November 16, 1990

  10. Dario says:

    Walking barefoot ten miles a day through the snows of Hawaii to attend inner-city schools.

    Obama walked barefooted. True story. But on the beaches of Hawaii, not through the snows of Mauna Kea.

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