Tweety impersonates a reporter

Chris Matthews makes a lot of money playing the fool, but he’s not really stupid. In this interview the mask slips a bit.

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10 Responses to Tweety impersonates a reporter

  1. gumsnapper says:

    Not only does he interrupt when he’s interviewing, he interrupts when he’s being interviewed.

    The tingle has apparently subsided but he’ll still be voting for O and bashing Repubs nonstop on his show.

  2. DandyTiger says:

    I always suspected Tweety was secretly a racist, republican ratfucker. /snark

  3. indigogrrl says:

    DearTweety –
    He’s just not that into Congress…. or governing…. or working hard… or you… or anybody really.

    Signed – Get Over It.

  4. djmm says:

    Mr. Matthews is beginning to wake up. Will wonders never cease?


  5. glennmcgahee says:

    He hasn’t awakened, he’s trying to sell a book and knows which way the wind is blowing. He’s been eating his words through alot of interviews lately. He’s setting himself up good since there’s so much butt kissing from 2008 on tape. ” a tingle up my leg”? So he cheered for Bush, Cheney, Obama. He drools. I am waiting for someone to ask if he may have had a stroke or something to explain his stupidity.

  6. NoEmptySuits says:

    Wow!!!! Say it ain’t it so, Tingles. Achey breaky heart.
    I never thought I’d ever again like anything Tingles had to say. Glad to be proved wrong.

  7. LandOLincoln says:

    Where are we going? Gee Tweets, it beats me, but I sure would like to know what I’m doing in this here handbasket.

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