Here We Go Again

Governor Reagan, who in most cases does typify his party, but in some cases there is a radical departure by him from the heritage of Eisenhower and others.

-James Earl Carter

If a poll were taken today, Jon Huntsman would be first, Romney second. Cain, Bachmann and Gingrich would be near the bottom. That poll would be of people who will be voting for Barack Obama in 2012. The idea that radical and extreme candidates are bad and will lose elections is firmly held in the minds of Republicans. In reality, it mostly applies to Democrats.

In 2008, Mitt Romney tried to claim the conservative mantle against “maverick” John McCain. The same people who like Huntsman but will settle for Romney now were the ones who thought Giuliani was a shoo-in for 2008. Instead, the primary voters liked Mike Huckabee, who became Romney’s focus of attack. Now, Romney is trying to thread the needle.

I’d like to say it’s a matter of picking the more solidly conservative candidate, but there’s a problem in the Republican Party itself. Republicans have had a taste of power since 1994 and grew accustomed to it. There has been an effort to consolidate power and moderate candidates. It almost always means defeat for Republicans. These people would rather a Democrat win than let a Tea Party candidate take their job. Alaska, Nevada, Delaware and NY-23 proved that.

Then there’s Sarah Palin. She was a last-minute choice when someone managed to talk McCain out of his “fusion” ticket with Joe Lieberman. I imagine the strategy was that disaffected Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton would prefer a female running mate. For the sake of gravitas, it should be a governor. Between the governor of Alaska and the governor of Hawaii, Palin was the better fit.

What followed was one of those political accidents like Teddy Roosevelt or Calvin Coolidge where a person outside of the political machine made it to running mate. Palin is the model of a citizen politician. She started in the PTA and eventually made it to governor. She is the GOP’s closest thing to an ambassador to the Tea Party Nation and she’s a solid conservative. And Democrats who don’t like Obama like her.

Winning this election means going hard negative on Obama. The Republicans who might otherwise sit out the election need to be energized and those thinking of voting Obama again need their spirits crushed. Romney may be capable of it, but we know for certain Sarah Palin is. Republicans had better stop listening to Democrats warning of extremism. If your opponent prefers a candidate, run screaming to the one they mock.

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    • 1539days says:

      I understand that Mark Kelly and Rep. Giffords went through a lot. However, let’s not forget the people who were shot and killed. They didn’t die because they were not “strong” like Giffords, she was just extremely lucky. If he wants to lash out at Sarah Palin, so be it. She can take it. She’s had to take it before.

      Loughner was obsessed with Giffords long before Sarah Palin even flew to the 2008 convention. What was she supposed to call about exactly? Did he expect her to apologize for a shooting that wasn’t her fault or just a map on her website that could have caused some fictional Tea Party shooter to get ideas? Maybe he should talk to the Daily Kos commenter who called for her punishment days before the shooting because she voted against Nancy Pelosi as minority leader.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Sarah did issue a statement of condolences not only to Giffords but the rest of the families affected by the tragedy. Not sure what more Kelly would have wanted from her. Had she shown up in person or called him on the phone, tongues would wag that she was exploiting the horror for her political gain.

        Unlike Obama, who made it a real dog and pony show at the memorial and calling for a new civility in political rhetoric. Like his OWS and union buddies are doing 😉

        • Susan says:

          Palin’s statement of “condolence” was no such thing. It was an attempt to deflect the criticism that was being hurled at her.

          Although I agree that there was no reason to contact Kelly directly, a sincerely worded statement of condolence would have made a world of
          difference. Palin’s whining about being the victim in this instance was the moment I lost all respect for her.

        • 1539days says:

          You never had respect for her, then. She was just a convenient foil to thwart Obama instead of a human being in your eyes.

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      That’s been the most disappointing thing to come out of the Giffords’ incident; her & her husbands willingness to use it to partisan ends. I was a big supporter at first. Not now. Get a clue, and I might be come back.

    • Pips says:

      [Whispering] Is it safe to use, you know … bullet points?

  1. guest says:

    If I were Kelly or Giffords, I would feel tremendously guilty about being the (indirect) cause of death of those other unfortunate souls. I would not be glorifying his wife or himself if I were Kelly. What is with this book writing culture and trying to make money off these horrendous events? Let her get well then may be write an article about it.

  2. I agree, Republican’s almost never win running moderates. But the party machine keeps wanting to push them. Usually if they’re lucky, they get one that pretends he’s not a party puppet like GWB. Romney isn’t even pretending. But he’ll probably get it anyway because the party machine has made sure to shut out the competition. They learned from the Dems I guess.

    Unless something worse happens to the economy, I expect the Republican party machine has ensured their favorite candidate will get his second term.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    WaPo has an article on the Americans Elect group. Someone here posted the link awhile back…..looks like they’re doing well for a Third Party run. Otherwise known as Obama Gets Re-elected 2012 /sarc.

  4. kk says:

    days, thanks for writing this post… so true…bring back sarah! without both hillary and sarah, the lights are definitely out on 2012…hmmmmm

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