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The Heat is Off

Hey, remember how Politico was the Herman Cain harassment story hub for about two weeks? Remember how there were two, then four, then five, then four again, then only two who spoke? One, of course, filed an actual charge.Then she … Continue reading

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Sarah Reconsider Ad

C4P: Your contributions have made it possible for us to run the Palin reconsider television ad next week in the Sioux City, Iowa market. Thanks to everyone who chipped in to make it possible. You’ll be able to see the … Continue reading

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Ron Paul sounds sane and rational

I got this video over at Glenn Greenwald’s blog. He uses it as a hook to show how the major media try to suppress unorthodox ideas. You should read Glenn’s post. He is on my daily “must read” list. I … Continue reading

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The war on drug users

Radley Balko tells a tale that will shock you: A year and a half ago she was beaten by a neighborhood thug outside of a city bar. It took months of do-it-yourself sleuthing, a meeting with a city alderman and … Continue reading

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