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How A Charlie Brown Christmas almost didn’t happen

Lee Habeeb: The more things change, the more things stay the same. As far back as 1965 — just a few years before Time magazine asked “Is God Dead?” — CBS executives thought a Bible reading might turn off a … Continue reading

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Let’s play Spot the Racism!

Watch the video above and see if you can spot the racism. Make the jump to see if you’re correct:

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Court giggling! President Obama and first lady Michelle laugh their way through basketball game after he takes daughters shopping for books President Obama took wife Michelle had their daughters to the basketball on Saturday – and appeared to have a … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast

I was struck by these two headline stories: Clinton, Panetta work to defuse tensions after air strike in Pakistan U.S. officials huddled with Pakistani leaders Saturday to defuse new tensions spawned by an attack that led Islamabad to shut down … Continue reading

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All the news that’s printed to fit

I’ve seen the above graphic is several places now, and even though I don’t know where it originated I’ll give credit to our friend Joseph Cannon. The point of the graphic is that us Americans are woefully uninformed (or misinformed) … Continue reading

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