Compare and contrast

I was struck by these two headline stories:

Clinton, Panetta work to defuse tensions after air strike in Pakistan

U.S. officials huddled with Pakistani leaders Saturday to defuse new tensions spawned by an attack that led Islamabad to shut down routes used to move supplies to American forces in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said.

In a statement issued late Saturday, the Pentagon said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton express their “deepest condolences for the loss of life.” The strike killed between two dozen and 28 Pakistani soldiers, according to media reports.


Obama promotes shops on “Small Business Saturday”

President Barack Obama, eager to spur growth and hiring, took his daughters on an early Christmas shopping trip on Saturday in Washington as the U.S. retail sector got its vital holiday season underway.

Promoting “Small Business Saturday”, the second annual event to help Main Street merchants in a tough U.S. economy, Obama visited a local bookstore with Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10, in the diverse, upscale Du Pont Circle area of downtown Washington.

“This is Small Business Saturday so we’re out here supporting small businesses,” said Obama, standing next to Malia who was hugging an armful of books to her chest.

To help merchants at the start of the most important shopping season of the year, Obama signed a message of support on Wednesday that noted small businesses “are the backbone of our economy and the cornerstones of our nation’s promise.”

Obama traveled to Pakistan when he was in college. He speaks some Arabic and was raised as a Muslim when he was a child. He is the Commander in Chief of our military. Pakistan is a nuclear power.

We have a 3 am moment and he’s out shopping.


Thank Jeebus the grown-ups are in charge.

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8 Responses to Compare and contrast

  1. Lulu says:

    It has been obvious for rather a long time that Obama does not like to do hard stuff. He likes to give speeches that someone else writes with plenty of applause pauses. He likes ten minute briefings with his two or three trusted advisers. He likes to play basketball and golf. He likes vacations. He watches a lot of ESPN. He likes to meet with very big campaign funders who in turn meet with trusted advisers to get what they want. He likes to delegate. Nothing in his adult life shows any effort except schmoozing, coasting to the next job, collecting paychecks and promoting himself. If the Republicans are smart they will pick a workhorse candidate who will wear him down, wear him out, and show him up as the indolent, thin skinned, do nothing that he is.

  2. DeniseVB says:

    I think it was Alan Colmes who defended Obama’s resume of non-achievment with he’s President of the United States, that’s a pretty big achievment. Ugh.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Took Marine One to a college bball game too (Michelles brother coaching one of the teams)

    As I recall, Gov. Christie had to pay the state of NJ for a helo trip to his son’s bball game awhile back

  4. While campaigning, Obama made fun of GWB’s only answer to the then current crisis, which was to tell people to go out and shop. Tell me again why Obama isn’t Bush III.

  5. kc says:

    marine one, no less. And not a peep from the media.

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