Political Tourette’s

Darth Gingrinch

Jonah Goldberg:

Congratulations, and Don’t Get Cocky

Newt’s comeback, including the capstone of the Union Leader endorsement, is a truly remarkable tale. A lot of people — including many of us around here, starting with me — are eating crow over Gingrich’s return from the dead. And that’s good. It’s almost always a good thing when the conventional wisdom is overturned. It’s also good that, whether he wins or loses the nomination, he will be able to leave the field with his head held high. He clawed his way back through dogged will and ability. So again, good for him.

But I suspect and fear that Newt will interpret his comeback incorrectly and see his new front-runner status as proof he can discard all of the lessons-learned from his flame-out earlier this year. This is the moment where it’s going to be hardest for Gingrich to restrain his Newtness. This is the moment where perceived vindication breeds hubris. Already, he’s talking about teaching an online course from the White House, bragging that Obama can use teleprompters in their debates and trying to run as a general election candidate on immigration.

On their own, these are all fine even laudable. But when combined, among some Newt-watchers, they feel like omens that World Historical Newt is returning to the scene. He should fight that temptation and keep his nose to the grindstone.

Even the Big Dawg had some semi-nice things to say about Newt over the weekend.

But Newt’s biggest enemy is himself. In addition to hubris he suffers from Political Tourette’s Syndrome. He’ll be cruising along, doing fine and then he gets the uncontrollable urge to say stupid things.

After Susan Smith was arrested for murdering her two sons, Newt blamed Democrats:

“I think that the mother killing the two children in South Carolina vividly reminds every American how sick the society is getting and how much we need to change things. The only way you get change is to vote Republican.”

(It turned out that Smith’s GOP step-father had been shtupping her since she was fifteen.)

Here’s one of Newt’s other infamous pearls of wisdom:

“If combat means living in a ditch, females have biological problems staying in a ditch for thirty days because they get infections and they don’t have upper body strength. I mean, some do, but they’re relatively rare. On the other hand, men are basically little piglets, you drop them in the ditch, they roll around in it, doesn’t matter, you know.”

If history is any guide, sooner or later Newt will self-destruct. The question is when.

According to the latest polls, if Newt exercises self-control for a few more months he stands a good chance of capturing the not-Romney vote along with the GOP nomination. But can he do it for a whole year?

My worst nightmare is Obama vs. Gingrinch.

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64 Responses to Political Tourette’s

  1. votermom says:

    My worst nightmare is Obama vs. Gingrinch.

    Write in Hillary & Sarah.

  2. DeniseVB says:

    It’s the GOP’s election to lose. I knew that when they started muscling SP out of the picture. They’d rather re-elect Obama than give up their perks of crony capitalism and insider trading …. you betcha’.

    I’m still ABO though, just saving trouble, time and money by not donating or volunteering for anyone.

  3. votermom says:

    Saw this via twitter – it’s behind the wsj firewall but the teaser says this:

    Antsy Voters Look for a Third Way
    When Perot First Ran, 39% Were Dissatisfied; Today It’s 81%. ‘Something Is Going to Explode’


    The nation’s dismay with Washington turns up in an array of polling results. To understand why the moment may be ripe for a real surprise next November, consider just these numbers: Ross Perot, who won nearly one in five votes in 1992 to become the most successful independent candidate in modern presidential politics, ran at a moment when 39% of Americans said they were dissatisfied with how the nation was being governed. Today, Gallup reports, 81% say they are dissatisfied.

    Pollsters and politicians of both parties say those and a slate of similar findings show that voters have become unusually …


    I can’t read the article but that 39% vs 81% is staggering.

    • votermom says:

      They should be. She is the Dem party’s last hope.
      She won’t run but she could be written in anyway. Imagine if she got more write-ins than Obama got votes. Would the DNC just ignore that and tell the msm to ignore that?

      • When a Democratic fundraiser called last night, I told her that I was an independent and that I left the Democratic Party after what it did to Hillary. The new comeback was that this happened a long time ago and that Hillary supports Obama now and blah blah blah. Usually, I politely say that “I’m not interested,” but this time I just hung up. However, I may register as a Democrat just to write in Hillary’s name!

        • Karma says:

          They have a comeback? That’s interesting. This is the first time I’ve heard they weren’t caught completely flat-footed on the topic of Hillary. It’s enough to make you wonder how many Hillary Dems they are running across?

          However, ‘Hillary supports Obama’ doesn’t deal with their subversion of democracy. They better come up with something more substantial for any fence sitters than a line from 2008. I still refuse to vote for Bush III.

      • catarina says:

        Would the DNC just ignore that and tell the msm to ignore that?

        Yes, they would just ignore that.
        Their mommas said there are “roolz,” remember?

    • DandyTiger says:

      If Newt’s the nominee, they won’t have too. It will be Obama by a landslide.

    • Susan says:

      Schoen and Caddell are Fox mouthpieces. The try to make the case in that article that Hillary will win over Republicans by being more conservative than Obama has been. If Obama were any more conservative, he’d be Mitch McConnell.

      It’s a lovely dream but Hillary’s not going to do and these jerks are just using her to make a buck.

  4. Lulu says:

    I think Newtie is a stalking horse for Romney. I do not think Newtie wants to be president, knows he is a screwup, is old, likes to run his mouth, and just wants more speaking engagements and book deals so he can continue to be a pseudo-intellectual and live in the lifestyle he wants. Insulting Obama and other Democrats is FUN to Newt. Now the conservative media is going to come to his aid and tout him as a “serious person” when everyone including Republicans know he is a big mouth asshole. He is going to go after Obama and drive his polling even lower then gracefully (as much as he is capable of) bow out to Mittens who will stay relatively untainted by the crap-throwing. This is my observation and opinion of the lout from afar and for a very long time.

    • DandyTiger says:

      Interesting idea. I think you’re on to something. Let Newt draw fire for the next month or two. More time for Romney to look even more “reasonable”.

      • votermom says:

        It’s working too — I can actually see myself voting for Mitt over Newt.

        • Karma says:

          Double….ew. It’s working on me too, Mitt seemed logical after visions of Newt as Pres. Obama’s twin seemed logical….ugh.

          And I agree Lulu. Mitt is running the same race as Kerry did in 2004. Which was designed to lose, no less.

          TPTB would win either way with Obama vs MItt.

    • myiq2xu says:

      I don’t think Newton expected to win when he entered the race. It was more of an ego thing and to burnish his “elder statesman” credentials for book sales and paid speechifying.

      But now he smells blood.

      • Lulu says:

        Yep and if it goes to his fat head he will flame out faster. He has always been an ideologue with pretenses. He was an absolute disaster as a Speaker and quit like the coward he is. I absolutely loath him and not because of his personal life which is none of my business. He wants a big income going around shooting his mouth off with historical illusions to wow the rubes. When he says something sensible by accident everyone is astounded. He is in it to rough up Obama and I think President Clinton said something half nice about Newt to play along. There are a lot of grudges in politics and tough shit for Obama.

      • djmm says:

        Never underestimate the ego of Mr. Gingrich.


    • K.T. says:

      I’m hoping that this is true, but I keep remembering Newt’s huge ego.

  5. ncguy says:

    Nominating Gingrich would mean I donate, canvas, and phone bank for Obama.

    Please don’t do it.

  6. Waiting here in PA to see if they do indeed decide to let our votes actually count by changing how electoral votes are awarded.
    For the Primary- well I am not voting for the amphibian or teh fraud.
    I wonder if writing in Hillary would count toward teh fraud?
    I like the idea of writing in a Hillary/Sarah ticket.

    • votermom says:

      I think PA is supposed to count all write-ins but they don’t actually in practice?
      By the way, I think that proportional electoral thing is a trap.

      • I keep pondering it looking for the trap. I go back and forth, back and forth. As it stands now, they might as well just throw out all the votes from any district not contiguous with Philly or Pittsburgh.
        After the 08 I looked at the map of the PA results by Congressional district and was stunned. The entire middle and western edge of the state- especially counties that went heavy for Hillary- went McCain.
        But our votes were given to that handpicked son of a bitch.
        My vote did not count, nor did the votes of the thousands and thousands in our district that screamed NOBAMA!

        • votermom says:

          If they break up the votes, as a state we fall off the map. We are a swing state now because each side wants to win a big bundle of electoral votes.

          I agree that Philly has way too much clout.

        • There has to be a better way. Maybe kick philly out and make that corner of the state part of NJ or something?Or they can join up with Chicago- Illinois is trying to get rid of it. Same idea- Chicago and Philly are so far removed ideologically from the rest of the state.

        • votermom says:

          Or they can join up with Chicago- Illinois is trying to get rid of it.


    • DeniseVB says:

      Some states do count write-ins towards the party of the write-in vote.

      Did that make sense? 😀

      • votermom says:

        For a primary that would make no sense. 🙂

      • Yes Denise- I thought I remembered that from the 08. If there are no challengers then all votes cast on the part ballot are given to the party’s candidate.
        Not sure how PA counts them but I surely intend to find out. I got my Draft Hillary 2012 bumper stickers a while ago and get comments all the time lol.

  7. votermom says:

    Myiq, I scheduled a post. Fee free to change the time on it.

  8. votermom says:

    Barney Frank just announced he won’t seek re-election.

    • DandyTiger says:

      Whoa. That’s interesting. Wonder what’s happening with him.

    • catarina says:

      rent a hall and hire a band!

    • elliesmom says:

      Well, it could be that he misses being in power and doesn’t see that changing in 2012. His own seat isn’t in jeopardy. It should make it easier for the Democrats to do the redistricting that they need to do to eliminate a seat.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I just queried the MassGOP about my husband running for the seat. He’s a native, high school and college grad of Frank’s district. LOL, can’t wait to tell my husband if they come back YES !

      Stay tuned. My husband can’t be worse than Alan Keyes’ carpetbagging.

  9. yttik says:

    I would honestly vote for Darth Vader if I believed he would change the attitude and direction of this country.

    There is also the law of unintended consequences. Obama was the best thing to happen to the Republicans, in a matter of weeks, he revitalized their party after 8 yrs of Bush. Newt could unintentionally trigger the same response from the liberal side of things, motivate people to come out of their glassy eyed koolaid induced coma.

    • Lulu says:

      If Newt can continue cracking jokes about Obama and turn him into a national joke I will send him a Thank You card. With candy.

      • catarina says:

        Newt is such a sick fuck, though.
        Yesterday he remarked that drug cartel leaders should get the death penalty.

        Not as out there as his little Oliver Twist fantasy making poor kids school janitors, but geez.
        He envisions himself as a king, presiding over executions and forced labor.
        The guy is a fucking nut.

        I once remarked to Madamab on TC that I’d vote Newt over Obama.
        Madama, if you’re reading this-never mind, I can’t do it!

        • yttik says:

          He is a sick puppy. I’m sure he’d love to act like a king and preside over drug cartel executions.

          However, the current guy went and ordered the execution of two US citizens without benefit of trial or even criminal charges.

        • DandyTiger says:

          Let’s hope it isn’t Newt. The Dems need to be taught a lesson. But we would like to continue to be a country at the same time. :\

        • catarina says:

          Yup, true story on the execution of US citizens, now being called Obama’s “foreign policy successes.”
          Where is the outrage??

          That’s why I’m not voting for that prick either.

  10. DeniseVB says:

    Remember the Richmond (VA) Tea Party crying foul about their protest permits and fees while the city didn’t enforce that for the OWS?

    They’re being audited now.


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