The Center Cannot Hold

We could use more hindsight these days. Three years after the fact, we learn that Henry Paulson manipulated hedge funds even before he was given the sole authority over Republican killer TARP. Around the same time, Barack Obama was running for president with even closer ties to Jeremiah Wright than even Sean Hannity lead us to believe in 2008.

This won’t sink Obama’s chances of winning in 2012, but it does exemplify his silly 2008 campaign. The problem with running under the guise of not being like the last president is that you probably have no actual skills to bring to the table. Like Carter before, when the voters learn that you’re a lousy president, you have no ideological consistency to develop your base.

I don’t think Obama is a Republican. I’m unconvinced that he is some kind of socialist. I can see everything he has done (or failed to do) as an attempt to pay back his donors and constituents, in that order. He got his money from Wall Street and his ground forces from government employee unions and the SEIU. He only started fighting for tax increases on the rich when Congress cut him off. Is he a Cloward-Piven type of radical who wants to destroy the American system of government? It doesn’t matter. a fully corrupt politicians will do the same thing as that kind of radical, overspend until the country collapses.

The debate over taxing the rich is over. The rich no longer have enough to cover the annual costs of the government. We must reduce spending regardless of what taxes are increased on higher incomes. Revenue increases are secondary to spending, much like the debate over what to do about illegal aliens is secondary to how to secure the borders. Obama created the Stimulus, the Stimulus created the Tea Party.

Now that Newt Gingrich is basking in the limelight, the fools at MSNBC’s Morning Joe are trying to get Jon Huntsman next in line when Gingrich falters. Joe Scarborough is using the scorched earth strategy, calling Newt and Romney liberals compared to Huntsman, even though Huntsman is the candidate who refuses to even call himself conservative. Maybe some Republicans and Democrats who oppose Obama think a right of center Republican is the best foil for Obama, but they’re wrong.

When Carter ran for president in 1976, he won on the fact that he wasn’t Richard Nixon or part of his administration. Plus, the GOP stupidly nominated Ford over Reagan because Reagan was too polarizing. Carter’s vision for American was of a screwed up place that needed a lot of work and his administration reflected it. Reagan may have had a radically conservative vision for America, but at least he had a vision. We all know how George Bush 41 felt about the “vision thing.”

Voters may not like Obama much, but Wall Street still plans to give him money and unions still plan to campaign for him (and give him money). The Republicans need people to turn out to counter that. They need a candidate with a vision to rally behind and a willingness to point out all the flaws of their opponent. Of course, that person is Sarah Palin so I’ll be waiting for her endorsement. Please don’t pick Mitt Romney.

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4 Responses to The Center Cannot Hold

  1. jjmtacoma says:

    Nothing would improve the revenue situation for our government as much as near full employment of able bodies.

    That source of revenue has been sitting on the back burner for 4 years while handout after handout has happened for the trust-fund crowd. I don’t think anyone (who can do math) would think rolling back the Bush tax cuts would save us and stop deficit spending. Well maybe they do think that – I’m often amazed…

    We have people dying from lack of health care and living in cars or camping on someone’s couch because they are unemployed and can’t afford rent or lost a home from either of the first two issues and congress can’t pass a measure that would end a tax cut for the rich? A supposedly temporary tax cut.

    Nothing would help a candidate with the populist vote like having a jobs plan – because there really aren’t that many people who wouldn’t rather have a job than an unemployment check and I’m sure they are sick of living off their friends and family.

    • Lulu says:

      The powers that run our economy are either completely cut off from what is happening or are sociopaths and do not care. I suspect that it is both. Yesterday I had to go to Walmart to pick up an item that is not sold in any other grocery store in my area. I go very early to avoid mobs. Walking ahead of me in the parking lot were three children in many layers of clothing. I caught up with them and an 11 year old boy was holding a $5. I started talking to them and their story just spilled out. Two parents, three children homeless in two cars trying to make their way from Illinois to a cousin in Houston to try to find work. They had eaten a sandwich the day before at lunch and slept in the cars in thirty degree weather in a Walmart parking lot. I bought them breakfast and they insisted their parents had to have two cups of coffee each because they were very grumpy. I understood completely. I hope they made it yesterday and can find work. I hope these precious trusting children are no longer afraid.

  2. DeniseVB says:

    It’s why I support the Fair Tax, taxed on what you spend, not what you earn. Even crooked politicians, lobbyists, union bosses and drug dealers need to buy toilet paper. As long as Wall St is allowed to buy their politicians, nothing will be “fair” to we peons.

    Here’s a great open letter to Obama, really takes him to the wood shed with a really big switch đŸ˜€

  3. Betty says:

    Lulu, I watched the movie Gandhi this weekend and I never fail to learn something new or get a new insight. This time it came from Gandhi’s wife. She was sitting speaking to a large crowded about how her country women used to be able to earn income by spinning and weaving fabric but now everyone buys their clothing from England and so the people were starving. And she said something like, I see no beauty in any fabric which leads to starvation for my people. Well something like that anyway, I wish I could remember because I thought how timely it was for us now.

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