Don’t Fade Away

Herman Cain’s polling averages are still almost as high as Bachmann, Huntsman and Perry put together. The problem is that unlike past shooting stars, he’s never run a campaign. He’s in debt, he’s in trouble and he’s going to be asked about everything but what he wants to talk about.

Cain’s decision was to go out before he sank to the bottom. He’s the name everyone cares about at the moment. He may have a few weeks of notoriety left, plus and endorsement that could help settle his campaign debt. I don’t see this as a betrayal of his supporters. If he kept going, it would be as an “embattled” campaign where every event he went to was under a “cloud of suspicion” or a “shadow of doubt.”

People love fighters, but some of the most famous ones met terrible fates. Sometimes voters spend too much some on one savior. Hillary Clinton can’t save us, Sarah Palin can’t save us. We can save us. The message we send by voting against Barack Obama is not that we love his opponent, but that he’s fired. The message of 2010 was a mass firing, where Barney Frank and others are forced into retirement in the following election.

Obama can do so much more damage in 4 more years than any Republican in their first 4 years. The best candidate is the one who gets the nomination. He or she will be the one who gets him out of office.

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8 Responses to Don’t Fade Away

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Dead Goat Party Uprising ! I’m in………:D

  2. DeniseVB says:

    Hot Air’s December Survey results:

    Wow, look what happens to Newt and Romney when they add Palin đŸ˜€

    This was taken before Cain dropped out.

  3. Susan says:

    I can’t find anything to support your claim that Cain is in debt. He’s taken in almost five million dollars in the past six months. If he’s spent more than that running his bare bones campaign, he’s not the businessman he claims to be.

    I’m amazed that people who claim to have supported Hillary Clinton continue to voice whole-hearted support for Cain who has shown, repeatedly, that he has no respect for women, himself

    • 1539days says:

      It’s kind of like a person who hates this site yet constantly posts just to be an ass.

    • Karma says:

      Even with a bare bones campaign. It still takes fuel, food, and transportation to travel to events which are in fact debts. It appears to be beneficial to have some debts on the books in order to keep the account open past a suspension.

      And what part of the Dems subverting the votes of millions are you having problems with? I refuse to vote for Obama or any one connected to the theft of my vote. They didn’t steal it once. They stole it twice, by shutting down the DNC convention rulz and the rules of my state, as well.

      Does that end the mystery for you? How many times do you have to pretend you don’t know the answer? Does it thrill you to smugly hurl accusations, at fellow travelers in 2008, rather than deal with reality?

      Every vote cast will be seen through 5/31/08. Deal with it!

      And frankly, anyone who watched that go down, and had any sense of their civic duty, as well as, the rule of law should be doing the same. Instead of cheering OWS/OFA and their protest of camping laws across the country.

  4. yttik says:

    “The best candidate is the one who gets the nomination.”

    Yep. Anybody but Obama.

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