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So what’s gonna happen next November and beyond? First, let’s talk about what’s NOT gonna happen. The Democrats are not going to regain control of the House. The math just isn’t there. They might pick up a few seats, but … Continue reading

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The Turd Party

When Ron Paul supporters aren’t faking attacks by Democrats, discussing their UFO abductions or whatever else they do, they do what they can to keep him relevant. Paul lost his chance to be the next GOP flavor of the week … Continue reading

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No Newt is good Newt

Two views: The New Newt […] The episode is a little confounding. Who is this gregarious, upbeat candidate, and what has he done with Newt Gingrich? Whatever’s gotten into him, he is loose and appears to be enjoying himself as … Continue reading

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You vet your life

Imagine if every disgruntled ex-lover, ex-spouse, ex-friend and/or ex-employee in your life had the chance to dish dirt on you – to expose your deepest, darkest secrets. Affairs, flings, drug use, shoplifting, drunk driving, cheating on tests – every closet … Continue reading

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