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Don’t Think of a Purple Elephant

Society exists in a competition of self interests with community interests. Even if it takes a village to raise a child, you are still responsible for your own kid. Some governments work for the interests of a single ruler. Others … Continue reading

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Justice delayed

Wikileaks chief Julian Assange ‘thankful’ after winning right to appeal extradition to Sweden WIKILEAKS chief Julian Assange said he was “thankful” after being granted the right to pursue his appeal against extradition to Sweden at Britain’s Supreme Court. The 40-year-old … Continue reading

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Eye of Newt

There’s a lot of pixels being sacrificed over Newton Leroy Gingrich these days. The insider-outsider divide over Newt Gingrich There’s a deep and growing divide in the Republican world between those who are able to reconcile themselves with — to … Continue reading

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The Dems last hope of surviving Obamageddon

Not so much surviving the immediate annihilation, but more of a hope for a future regenesis amid the ashes of what was once the party of FDR. Chelsea finally enters public life. From NYT: Chelsea Clinton, Living Up to the … Continue reading

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If Diogenes went to Chicago they would have stolen his lamp

Paul Krugman: Lies, Damned Lies, And Elections As we wait to see whether the GOP nominates the guy who claims that his health plan was nothing like Obamacare, oh no, or the guy who claims that Freddie Mac paid him … Continue reading

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